Where IPVM Has Been Cited 2020/2021 - NY Times, Wapo, Reuters, NBC News, Fast Company, PC Mag, More

Here is a selection of articles and media IPVM has been cited in 2020:

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We are not including all citations since many are minor variants of the same topic.

3/4/2021 The Washington Post: Those fever scanners that everyone is using to fight covid can be wildly inaccurate, researchers find


3/3/2021 VICE: Inside 'TALON,' the Nationwide Network of AI-Enabled Surveillance Cameras

3/2/2021 OneZero: China’s ‘Sharp Eyes’ Program Aims to Surveil 100% of Public Space

2/10/2021 US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Letter To Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos On Dahua technology

2/9/2021 L.A. Times: Race detection and ‘real-time Uighur warnings’ — inside Dahua’s facial recognition technology

2/4/2021 The Hill: China's racism: Powered by AI

2/1/2021 Washington Post: Huawei official speaks out on why he resigned after The Post reported the tech giant had worked on a ‘Uighur alarm’

1/14/2021 CNN: China's Huawei backtracks after filing for patent to identify Uyghur faces

1/13/2021 Reuters: Chinese tech patents tools that can detect, track Uighurs

1/13/2021 Yahoo News: Huawei Patent Reveals Tech That Identifies Uyghur People

1/13/2021 BBC: Huawei patent mentions use of Uighur-spotting tech

1/8/2021 Coda Story: Will the Capitol riot change public opinion about facial recognition?

12/18/2020 CNN: Alibaba 'dismayed' by reports its software was used to identify Uyghurs

12/18/2020 The Hindu: Alibaba software can recognise Uighurs: report

12/18/2020 VOA China: Alibaba and many other Chinese companies are accused of developing technologies to identify Uyghurs, and overseas executives of Huawei resign due to human rights concerns

12/18/2020 BBC: Alibaba says its technology won't target Uighurs

12/17/2020 TechChrunch: Alibaba ‘dismayed’ by its cloud unit’s ethnicity detection algorithm

12/17/2020 The Guardian: Alibaba offered clients facial recognition to identify Uighur people, report reveals

12/17/2020 Reuters: Alibaba facial recognition tech specifically picks out Uighur minority - report

12/16/2020 NYTimes: As China Tracked Muslims, Alibaba Showed Customers How They Could, Too

12/16/2020 VICE: Senior Huawei Executive Resigns Over Muslim-Tracking Technology

12/16/2020 BBC News: Huawei: Uighur surveillance fears lead PR exec to quit

12/15/2020 International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: Uighur repression ‘turbocharged by technology,’ confidential documents show

12/10/2020 Politico: Griezmann boots Huawei sponsorship over Uighur surveillance concerns

12/10/2020 The Japan Times: Big data 'turbocharged' repression in China's Xinjiang, rights group says

12/9/2020 India Today: Huawei worked on a facial recognition system to identify Uighurs in China, says report

12/9/2020 CBS News: Rights groups warn China's persecution of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang "turbocharged" by big data

12/9/2020 Newsmax: Rights Group: Big Data 'Turbocharged' Repression in China Province

12/9/2020 NYPost: Huawei reportedly tested ‘Uighur alarms’ to help China track Muslims

12/9/2020 Brietbart: Report: China’s Huawei Developed ‘Uyghur Alert’ Race-Based Facial Recognition System

12/9/2020 CNBC: China's Huawei tested AI software that could identify Uighurs: Report

12/9/2020 TechTimes: Huawei Tested Facial Recognition Technology to Identify Uyghurs in China and Alert the Police

12/9/2020 DailyMail: Huawei 'tested AI software that could send "Uighur alarms" to the Chinese government' as Beijing's repression of Muslims 'is being turbocharged by technology'

12/9/2020 Radio Free Europe: Rights Group Details Role Of Big Data To Target Uyghurs In China's Xinjiang

12/8/2020 The Washington Post - Huawei tested AI software that could recognize Uighur minorities and alert police, report says

12/8/2020 Forbes - Huawei Tested Facial Recognition System That Identifies Uighurs, Report Claims

12/8/2020 The Daily Caller - REPORT: Chinese Tech Giant Tested Facial Recognition Software To Alert Authorities To Uighurs

12/8/2020 CNET - Huawei tested facial recognition that ID'd Uighur Muslims, set off alarm: report

12/8/2020 The Verge - Huawei worked on facial recognition system to surveil Uighurs, new report claims

12/8/2020 Engadget - Huawei tested facial recognition that targeted Uyghurs in China

12/8/2020 Business Insider - Huawei reportedly tested facial-recognition technology that could set off a 'Uighur alarm' to the Chinese government when the software identified someone from the persecuted minority group

11/24/2020 International Consortium of Investigative Journalists -ICC complaint alleging Uighur genocide cites China Cables as evidence

11/12/2020 Daily Beast: Amazon Partner in China is Making Facial Recognition Tech to Track Uyghurs

11/9/2020 Techdirt: Facial Recognition Company's Employees Abused Tech To Sexually Harass Coworkers

11/9/2020 Military Times - Report: VA hospitals may be using faulty temperature sensors for coronavirus fever checks

11/06/2020 VOA Chinese - New evidence shows that Dahua Technology is an important promoter of Xinjiang Skynet

11/05/20200 Radio Taiwan International - US IPVM company finds China Dahua Technology to monitor Uighur people's filtering mechanism code

11/03/2020 Wired - Schools Adopt Face Recognition in the Name of Fighting Covid

10/30/2020 China File - State of Surveillance | ChinaFile

10/26/2020 VICE - Surveillance Startup Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers

10/15/2020 Business Insider - Report: Male Verkada employees accused of photographing female coworkers

10/15/2020 - Biometric Update Some fever cam makers reportedly scamming buyers with poor biometric tools

10/08/2020 Brookings Institute - China's System of Oppression in Xinjiang: How It Developed And How To Curb It

9/25/2020 The Daily Mail - Most Americans are recorded 238 TIMES a week by security cameras and a majority of filming happens when driving, study reveals

9/15/2020 Benedict Evans Newsletter - No. 353 - Fake fever cameras?

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8/31/2020 The Guardian - Why are US companies buying tech from Chinese firms that spy on Muslims?

8/20/2020 NBC News Mobile, Alabama - Baldwin County Public Schools' thermal cameras thrown into question

8/20/2020 CBS News Mobile, Alabama - Baldwin Co. Superintendent responds to a critical report on thermal cameras

8/20/2020 CBS News Mobile, Alabama - News 5 Investigates: Baldwin County spent $1 million on Chinese thermal cameras meant to fight COVID-19, and they may not work

8/15/2020 Sky News Australia - Temperature checking via thermal cameras 'not reliable enough' to track COVID-19

8/14/2020 The Wall Street Journal - Here’s Why Experts Are Worried About Race-Detection Software and

8/14/2020 The Wall Street Journal - The Quiet Growth Of Race-Detection Software Sparks Concerns Over Bias

8/11/2020 CNET - How China uses facial recognition to control human behavior

8/3/2020 CBS Dallas Thermal Cameras Used To Spot Fevers Have ‘Major Limitations’ And Often Not Accurate, I-Team Find Interview with Conor Healy.

7/24/2020 The Guardian - Tech-enabled 'terror capitalism' is spreading worldwide. The surveillance regimes must be stopped

7/20/2020 OneZero - In Just 6 Months, ‘Fever Cameras’ Have Become a Full-Fledged Industry

7/16/2020 The Intercept - Homeland Security Worries COVID-19 Masks Are Breaking Facial Recognition, Leaked Document Shows

7/1/2020 ThePrint - China’s Hikvision controls India’s surveillance market. Modi needs to do more than ban apps

6/29/2020- Miami New Times Miami-Dade Spent $400,000 on Unreliable Fever-Detecting Cameras

6/22/2020- NBC News Big Tech juggles ethical pledges on facial recognition with corporate interests

6/12/2020- MSN News (picked up from WSB-TV ABC News Atlanta) Companies, governments spending thousands on thermal cameras amid COVID-19, but do they work?

6/9/2020 -Lithuania Ministry of National Defence, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) - Assessment of cyber security of video surveillance cameras supplied in Lithuania - ANALYSIS OF Hikvision and Dahua PRODUCT SAMPLES

6/8/2020 Center for Global Policy The Global Implications of “Re-education” Technologies in Northwest China

6/8/2020 WSB-TV, ABC News Atlanta Companies, governments spending thousands on thermal cameras amid COVID-19, but do they work?

6/7/2020 - livemint Defence tech trains big guns at covid screening


5/31/2020 - The Wire China SenseTime’s American Axis

5/28/2020- PRI Thermal readings at work raise concerns about civil liberties - PRI.org

5/26/2020 - Scripps National News interview

5/25/2020 - Independent UK: Google, Microsoft, and Amazon provide ‘essential web services’ to almost every company on US blacklist | The Independent

5/21/2020 - WSJ Covid-19 Raises Demand for Temperature Scanners - WSJ

5/21/2020 - Sinocism Hong Kong National security law; Mocking Trump; Two Sessions begin - Sinocism

5/19/2020 - NY Times A.C.L.U. Warns Against Fever-Screening Tools for Coronavirus - The New York Times

5/19/2020 - ACLU ACLU White Paper — Temperature Screening and Civil Liberties During an Epidemic | American Civil Liberties Union

5/13/2020 - WFSB CBS Affiliate Hartford CT INTERVIEW: Research engineer describes temperature scanning for folks heading back to work | | wfsb.com

5/13/2020 - Poynter Institute California State campuses will hold most classes online this fall semester. The move casts a national shadow. - Poynter

5/13/2020 Fast Company AI surveillance cameras for social distancing are coming

5/12/2020 Washington Post reporter cites IPVM in a list of 'great work on the rise of fever scanners':

IPVM Image

5/11/2020 Washington Post Thermal scanner technology may not detect covid-19 infections - The Washington Post

4/29/2020 Reuters Exclusive: Amazon turns to Chinese firm on U.S. blacklist to meet thermal camera needs - Reuters

4/29/2020 Epoch Times - Chinese Surveillance Company Hikvision Hides Human Rights Abuses

4/29/2020 Uyghur Human Rights Project - Uyghur Human Rights Project deeply troubled by Amazon’s business with Dahua | Uyghur Human Rights Project

4/12/2020 iHLS (Israel’s Homeland Security) US Proceeding with Ban Against Video Surveillance with Chinese Components - iHLS

4/8/2020 IAAPA The Global Association For The Attractions Industry Temperature Screening: This Season’s Newest Attraction? | IAAPA

4/7/2020 Fortune 'Boring A.I.' may be the real life-saver in this pandemic | Fortune

4/2/2020 Brookings A guide to healthy skepticism of artificial intelligence and coronavirus

3/31/2020 CTech / Calcalist Face Recognition Startup AnyVision Places Dozens of Employees on Unpaid Leave, Report Says - CTech

3/37/2020 NBC News - 'Fever detection' cameras to fight coronavirus? Experts say they don't work

3/23/2020 PCMag Athena Says Its Cameras Can Detect 1,000 COVID-19 Infections an Hour | PCMag

3/19/2020 Fast Company This AI camera spots people with coronavirus fever

3/5/2020 Business Insider Blacklisted Dahua and Hikvision due to appear at major US security trade show - Business Insider

1/2/2020 - The Morning Call Who’s watching those who monitor us with video surveillance? A Lehigh Valley company, that’s who - The Morning Call

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<insert> The Police " Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"

2/4/2021 The Hill: China's racism: Powered by AI

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