Where Did Some Of These Chinese Manufacturers Get Their Customer Service Ideas?

If you have a nice juicy tale of either great service or really bad service here is the place to relate it. I have a sock full of them myself. Lets hear yours.

I'll go first: I am delivering what I think is some of the most fun, informative and exciting training in the security low voltage wiring industry. Everything I teach is hands on. Each student gets a complete system to learn on. From access control to CCTV all get a system they have commissioned to take home with them. That means we go through lots of equipment. It is all custom manufactured or at least white label state of the industry.

Here is a story of how not to treat your customer if you are trying to get their lucrative business. I am buying test products right now setting up for this year's class offerings.

Several months ago I spied a neat little NVR offered by BCSEE Electronics. It's a NVR with a 10" screen that is just perfect for teaching. Student sees pictures right on the DVR. I ordered one to test, the software was fine the picture sharp and cameras will broadcast through any network. BINGO! I thought, except there was one problem the POE didn't seem to work on the cameras. It didn't take long to diagnose, some boob crossed the power wires either in the NVR or in both camera cables, So I made a short video of my troubleshooting and sent it off to them with the demand to fix the problem. They would not consider sending out a replacement cable or an NVR but did come up with a fix for me! Ha ha here it is! Now ain't that professional! This picture was sent to me by BSCEE!

"This picture was sent to me by BSCEE!"

Not even a western union, eh?

BSCEE obviously not a member of BICSI...

I wish I had a story about customer service from Chinese manufacturers. Unfortunately I have no good story or bad story, reason being is there is no customer service!!!!!