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When Remotely Viewing An Avigilon NVR, Is There A Way To Downgrade The Quality For Playback?

I am remotely playingback an Avigilon NVR. The hookup is the slowest DSL avaialble. Is there a way for when I playback the video to select it to playback and a much lower quality until I find what I am looking for and then raise the quality?


The way the ACC client handles video quality is a little strange. If you reduce it in client settings, it will decrease quality on playback. You can find this here:

When you play back video, it's going to reduce quality according to what you see there. However, if you scrub through video or pause it, it shows you full quality. And exports are full quality. So I believe the intent is:

  1. Play back video to roughly find what you're looking for.
  2. Pause/frame-by-frame to see better detail and confirm.
  3. Export.

Ethan what exactly is it doing to the video to reduce quality on remote playback?

  • compression?
  • cutting out I frames?
  • transcoding?