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What Tools Are Used For Powering Cameras For Testing

I am looking for a solution similar to Verasity Global's portable POE Injector. Are there alternatives available?

I have the poe cable for my computer from veracity & remote power , works great

The poe, cctv ( Ideal testers ) , they work good .

The portable monitors for remote set up , testing , powering cameras , they do the job .

The axis test hand held meter works great for poe set up .

We dont set up cameras with out the poe , lines , switchs online 1st . Set up is remote or on the spot

Its all about time , convienence , Trips up , Down the ladders

Time is critical so make every trip count . Carry what you need , complete as much as posible with as little effort as possible .

All meters ,testers , calibration equip. have protective cases,hard cases , and the like .

There no good if broken , and when you need them is not the time to find out if there broken .

Complacency does a lot of damage in the long run.

As an Industrial Power Electrician( 12 years ) we were taught , treat your high tech gear like its your life on the line.

Your life depends on dependability, performance and accuracy

Protect,Care,Ensure Depenability

John - I've had a couple of them going for a while now, including being knocked around in my bag quite a bit. I actually found an alternative recently, a little smaller: BVTech Full Power PoE switch

Have 5 of them right now doing various duties with no issues. In any case, I'm using these as temporary units, so *if* one failed it wouldn't really be a big deal. If I were selling/installing these, I probably wouldn't cut corners and go with something a little more rugged. But for simple/portable units they have both been good.

Is that $70 Trendnet reliable? I remember having reliability issues with hours. Other thing, and this might be related was that it only had 30 watts max PoE which caused issues with 4 cameras running.

I still need to write up my portable PoE kit...

A powerstream battery back and 12VDC->48VDC switching converter and a $70 4 port compact Trendnet PoE switch. Covers everything I need, and can run for HOURS.

This works much of the time, for non-PoE cameras:

If I need AC power for an adapter, this is handy (and good to carry in the van for those unforeseen jumpstart emergencies):

With PoE cameras, a pinpoint is great for one-offs... otherwise, I pack a cheap WiFi router that I can plug in and give myself wireless access to whatever cameras I need. More recently, I got a couple of DD-WRT capable routers and set them up to use WDS, so I can extend range in larger facilities, or around corners outdoors. With a lightweight netbook, it's great to be completely wire-free when adjusting cameras.

Jeff, to do camera comparisons. For instance, is camera A or B better at this location or scenario. Set them up side by side and monitor/record. I understand the more common use case is to just use or demo a single camera so I can understand why it's not a high priority to support something like this.

I have never seen an install where a pinpoint did not do everything needed. We generally install cameras and power up (do not care about alignment or focus), leave for a week, and then do one full sweep camera to camera. Sometimes, outside and inside, I plug a POE access point into one of the camera connections. We normally setup a segregated network or VLAN so this gets you on it.

John, why would you need a remote device to power 2-3 cameras?

Taher, is there specific features or attributes that you need that the Veracity Pointsource does not have?

We use it regularly and find it to be quite useful. For our needs (testing), the one thing I'd really like is a device that powers multiple cameras at once (even if it was just 2 or 3).

Our portable power post reviews some options.

I haven't seen any, aside from Veracity's. I suppose you could make one yourself with a PoE injector powered by 12VDC and a battery, if you really want to.