What Is With This Door Knob? Is It Against Code?

I saw this in a parking structure today:

It's really hard to turn the door knob and I can imagine that anyone with disabilities would find it very challenging. It's not just that it's a knob, it's the circular enclosure around it.

Is this against code? I presume it is.

Why are they doing this? Is it a security measure to make it hard to break in?

Seen it before. Attempts to prevent someone with a pipe wrench twisting the entire lock to gain access.


This looks like some version of a "knob guard", possibly home-made. These are typically installed on gates where it is possible to reach through the gate opening from the outside to operate the knob or lever. If you install a knob guard, it makes it a little harder to reach over or through the gate to grab the knob. Unless your door is right next to a gate or fence, I don't think that this is the purpose of the guard here however.

A fairly common burglary technique is to use a large pipe wrench on cylindrical locks such as these. This creates a tremendous amount of torque on the lock body and the door usually pops right open. I suppose that this ring would proviode some degree of protection against this type of attack.

The door is to a stairwell leading from the 2nd to 1st floor. Presumably, one could always walk down the vehicle ramp.

My guess:

The escutcheon around the knob is there to keep vandals from smacking the knob lock off the door with a sledge hammer or sticking a piece of pipe over the knob and prying it until it breaks open.

If it is an egress door, it absolutely is against code. If it is a storage closet, it probably isn't.

I presume this is to prevent entry. It is very easy, with a 3 lb. slege hammer to smak the doorknob off, shove a screwdriver into the center shoving out the shaft and pulling the locking assy. to open the door. Code? I'd think not.