What Questions Should We Ask About Hospital Surveillance?

Continuing our Surveillance Guide surveys, next we will cover Hospitals. We will send out an integrator survey next week to gather responses.

What questions should we ask? What feedback is useful for Hospital surveillance?

Here are a few ideas. Similar questions have been asked for previous surveys on K-12 and City Surveillance:

1. What are the most important areas to cover in hospitals? Why?

2. What percentage of cameras are installed indoors vs. outdoors?

3. What areas do indoor cameras typically cover?

4. What areas do outdoor cameras typically cover?

5. What role do privacy regulations like HIPAA play in camera placements?

6. How much does a typical system cost, per camera? (Simply divide quote by number of cameras)

7. What recorder/VMS do you use most often in Hospitals?

8. How long is video being stored typically? Why?

9. How often are other systems (access, intrusion, fire, etc.) integrated with video?

10. What are the primary purposes for hospital surveillance? Do dedicated staff monitor cameras? Why or why not?

What would you add? Thanks!

  1. What lighting conditions or practices exist for cameras used indoors?
  2. What lighting conditions or practices exist for cameras used outdoors?
  3. Is there any failover redundancy for video on the VMS?
  4. Is there any failover redundancy for the network as a whole?
  5. Are any off-site personnel notified on an event/alarm, if so, who?
  6. What is the transport infrastructure for video (i.e. cabling, etc.)?
  7. Are hospital campuses tied together or operated separately?

Looking forward to this one.

Do they use or have any plans for remote visitation systems?

I'm just talking out loud:

It seems like a system like this would be independent of video surveillance. Agree?

Are you deploying analytics? If so where and for what purpose?

Regarding systems that will be integrated here are some possible options:

1. Nurse call

2. Infant protection systems (Halo or similar)

3. Access control

4. Wander management systems

There are probably many others... it has been a while.

Okay, good clarity on types of integrated systems to ask about. Thanks!