What Is Your Preferred Product For Keystone Jacks For Category Cable When You Have A Choice?

For the past few years I have been installing inexpensive keystone patch panels and using better quality keystone jacks instead of punching cable down. It allows the option of coloring jacks based on type of signal and tends to be easier to dress cable and faster than punching. I have been using the KwikJack system from Dynacom. The KwikJack system works well for UTP but doesn't really offer a quick method for STP.

I noticed Belden was offering a new system called REVConnect and looks pretty nice but didn't know if anyone on here has any practical experience with it? I got a free demo termination from them it it feels pretty solid. Although, that doesn't give me the practical experience of actually terminating the connection as it comes already terminated. I'm not sure how I came across it because I find Belden's website very poorly designed for easy navigation. Though this is similar to many electrical product's websites.

I came to appreciate Panduit's NetKey system, because of modularity with various jack formats, but I wasn't deeply experienced with the field of market options.