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What Is Typical Per-Door Installation For Access Control?

We are trying to better understand market rates for Access Control installations, per locking types - strikes, mag-locks, et al.

What are you seeing for the installation costs (just labor $, without hardware)?


It's really hard to generalize this, with all the differences in wall types, frame style, strike install, and area of the country the work is being done. We've seen costs from door contractors ranging from $400 to $1600... in WNY

First assumption: It takes between 4 and 8 manhours to install a typical door. Not particularly skilled labor, but not novice.

Then multiply that by a manhour cost between $65 - $120 per hour: $260 - $960 per opening.

In terms of actual pricing (not 'cost'), I doubt you will ever see an invoice for less than $400 per door, just as Sean indicates.

This would be a good subject for a study/report or maybe a poll of integrators. I'd like to see it not limited to just doors, but to include several types of security equipment such as:

fully controlled door (card reader, door sensor, electrified lockset, etc.)

monitored door (sensor only)

EAC and/or burglar alarm control panel

motion sensor

indoor camera (I know this could cover a lot of ground, but perhaps they could be presented 1 or more specific scenarios, i.e. indoor dome camera in an 11' gyp board ceiling)

outdoor camera (likewise on the 1 or more specific scenarios, i.e. wall mount, parapet mount, pole mount, etc.)

et., etc., etc.

I think it should be limited to installation time, not final labor cost since the hourly labor rate varies drastically depending on where you are located.

I would have to agree, it is all based around construction type first – new construction or retrofit. Type of door construction – for example, I could easily install a complete door reader, strike (or maglock), RTE, push-button and recessed door contact in less than 4 hours on a typical interior hollow frame door. If you are using electrified mortise or cylindrical handsets, you have to consider the hinge and possible core that needs to be drilled. Aluminum storefront – EL series Von Duprin locks can also eat your lunch. Boon Edam turnstiles and herculite doors with chrome finish and the works… yeah… those take time. Cost is also really subjective. You have the install crew that works from home with cheap drill-bits and half a tool pouch (trunk-slammer) and then you have professional integrators with safety training and a tool for every project. But if you are in sales and are just looking to throw a number out there – 4 hours (not including cable) is a pretty solid average – you win some, you lose some.

This Value is dependent on where , what , who is installing. Typically we've seen values as low as 200 per door to 3500 per door .

Purchase vs lease - Everyone is not good with math , so they dont understand the leaseback or leasing process or purchasing tactics used in the industry. We have seen the give away with the just pay the payments gimmicks tooooooo death or the payments for 10 years contracts or the low payments with sale clauses for huge payments at the end of the lease .

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