What Is This Debris Flying All Over My Street?

AFAIK, here was no rain fall, no hail or snow and very little wind, (note leaves and branches). It went on for several hours and hasn't happened again since. I was not awake during, but saw nothing strange in the morning, except for a thick fog which isn't very unusual.

Cameras is a Dahua infrared PTZ.

Here are a couple more clips:

Is it tree pollen?

Maybe it's


...pollen, I admit I had never thought of that.

Would there be this much at such high speed?

Here's a longer clip: Here's the direct link, in case the clips aren't loading.

Do you have a lawn sprinkler system?

Faux Gras.

Here's one that auto-focuses occasionally:

I would say pollen expect for it to be moving like that and the trees not makes me think something far more sinister like fog or smoke

or maybe death had to make a bunch of stops nearby that night..........

or maybe a swarm of gnats attracted to the IR..

Kamikaze swarm at ~0:59



My bad, has it been 17 years already?

I wouldn't have even known had my BRS anomaly detection plugin not gone crazy! But with no way to enter the mating schedule directly, I guess it might take a few decades before it figures it out...

I think it's pollen. This is a gif from a test the other night. It's not as bad as yours, but we had no precipitation and it was too cold for all this to be bugs. And Scanlan was sneezing, so I vote pollen.


were you out there right at that moment? Did you/do you think you would think anything was out of the ordinary if you were standing there then?

I think it could be that or something like it for sure. its definitely something moving that is closer to the lens than it looks, giving it the illusion of extreme speed.