How Do I Become An Electronic Security Engineer?

How does one get into design/build? What certifications and/or schooling are companies looking at to promote one into this area of the industry?

There's not a degree or certification that would let you jump directly into electronic security engineering.

The most common way tends to be getting a position as a field tech and then working your way up into engineering.

What are you doing right now?

Assuming you are a tech, I would do a combination of:

  • Volunteering / campaigning for more responsibility on harder projects
  • Studying more (I see you are in the IP networking course - great!), maybe getting an IT cert (Network+, CCNA, etc.) and making sure you know the major lines you work with (taking the relevant manufacturer training, etc.).
Thank you John. Then I am on the right road as I am presently studying for my CCENT, taking your course and logging heavy hours as a 4th year Lead technician. I also have some manufacturing courses with my company coming up.

Great! Looks like you are on your way and have the ambition to do it!