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Looking For An Inexpensive Self Contained Maglock

In the past, whenever I installed a maglock system, it was part of an entire access control package. I now have a customer that wants me to install a single maglock that will have a motion detect open as well as a request to exit button. He also wants me to tie it into a voip system to be able to buzz the door open. Fot that I am going to use a cyberdata intercom.

But besides that, what is an inexpensive package I can use for the self contained maglock?


A maglock might not be the best answer here, but here's a suggestion: Securitron's M680

The M680BDX model is an 1100 pound maglock with an integrated PIR RTE sensor.

You'll still need a power supply and a separate pushbutton wired in series, but the maglock itself includes the motion sensor that is the tricky part to wire and mount. You can find them for ~$650 through distribution.

Does that help, or are you looking for something else?