What Is An Decent But Inexpensive IP Camera That Has Analog Output As Well?

I was asked to spec out a camera that besides being hooked up to an IP system can be tied into an exisintg analog DVR. Any suggestions? I would be looking for 2 -3 mp and no need for varifocal lens.

Thank you

Camera finder says 23 cameras meet the description of 2-3 MP, IP with NTSC output, under $600.

Thank you. I keep on forgetting about that great tool.

Unfortuanly none of those have been tested, and their is nothing saying whether those can use both types of output at the same time.


Unfortuanly none of those have been tested, and their is nothing saying whether those can use both types of output at the same time.

Check out the Samsung SNB-6004, it's got analog out (though camera finder is not showing it), and it's been a fixture in Ethan's rig for a while now. Around $400.

Resident Samsung Rep says:

Current model Samsung WiseNet III cameras all have an analog output. On a vandal cameras, it may be difficult to route the cable out of the body and keep the waterproofing, but it can be done. The performance of the camera will not drop (older models did). You can still use multiple streams, FullHD/3 megapixel, analytics, etc... The manual states that it is not for continuous use, but it will work. I know many people who have used this for a public view display, easy monitoring, feeding in to a matrix, etc... Take a look at the SNB-5004, SNB-6004, SNB-7004. They all come with a special 2-pin pigtail that plugs in to the back of the camera to give you a BNC output. There is also a setting in the menu that can turn the BNC on or off. Again, this is a throwback to the older cameras where the performance decreased when on.

A, thanks.

Btw, I am a little nervous with those results because many cameras have NTSC output but don't work full time or have side effects.

For instance, the lowest cost match, the DND13TL2, says 'Setup/Service BNC Video Out' which implies that it will not work in the application David is requesting.

Yes, meant to include this, IP Cameras With Analog Outputs On The Camera, where its discussed a bit.

As the Samsung rep for the southeast we run into this quite often. Typically someone is looking to run a spot monitor via the analog and have the network run back to the NVR. Samsung's WiseNet III chipset models will accomplish this at a full analog rate without concern. It's been tested and utilized on countless applications. Any of the following models would work for your application: SN*-6084 (2MP series available in a box, dome, or bullet) SN*-7084 (3MP series available in a box, dome, or bullet) Along with many others. The most inexpensive model would be the SNV-6013- 2MP, vandal mini dome, 2.8mm fixed lens, IP66 & IK10 Samsung also released an entire low cost megapixel line known as their WisNet Lite series. Unfortunately I cannot find anything mentioning whether they have the analog output which leads me to believe this was one thing left out of the WiseNet Lite series.

The GeoVision BX, FD and VD series models have "TV-Out Support" up to and including the 5MP devices. We've used them when we need to maintain a picture to an existing analog switcher system. We have had very good luck with them. You turn it on in the menu system. It is an NTSC output based on the second video stream. So you need to change the default second stream from 320x240 to 640x480 to get a decent picture. You'll also have a bit of underscan - black bars on the sides of the picture - but it works at the same time as both IP streams. The customers we've used it on don't mind the bars. They get to see the picture on their analog switcher and know that the recording is still a high quality megapixel.

They change models occasionally; just make sure the spec says "TV-Out support" on the model you pick.