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What Do You Sell And Why? I Prefer Cadillacs Vs Fiestas.

If Axis is the biggest and best IP camera company why isn't its cameras referenced more in the discussions here? Is it like comparing a Cadillac to a Ford Fiesta, is the price of the product what compels you to sell other brands? Can other cameras perform as well if not better for the intended layout? Does it come down to price not brand name? I prefer to sell high end cameras with a proven track record and technical support readily availably.

Learning, new to IP video surveillance, one step above a trunk slammer, very interested in video surveillance.

Holy cow! We don't reference Axis enough in discussions??? :) I am far more concerned about the opposite, that we talk about them way too often. FYI, Axis is mentioned in 150+ discussions here this year.

Axis has a lot going for them - broad product range, low cost offerings, high end quality options, strong support, etc.

But there are certainly others - At the high end, Sony and Panasonic are common alternatives (with Bosch now rapidly moving into this group).

In the mid tier, Avigilon has many acolytes.

Among budget cameras, Vivotek is strong, Dahua is shooting up, ACTi looks like they are turning the corner.

Those are seven off the top of my head. There are others.

Let us know what you are looking for, and we can expand.

I think if nothing else there just isn't a ton of disagreement or fighting about Axis's business model, products or marketing. The fact that they sell through online distro stinks, the products are quality for a fair price at each price point, and their marketing is only slightly less zealous than most brands. Not everyone loves Axis, but they're such a careful brand, theyre hard to hate. Consensus reached. /thread

For system design, it's not very meaningful to contrast between brands at a macro level (Cadillac vs. [Ford] Fiesta).

IPVM frequently compares models based on specific features (ie: WDR, Low Light) and analyzes where the strength of one model is compared to others in the same category. Very few, if any, specific cameras knock it out of the park in every single tested parameter.

Because of market parity, it's not good enough for a reseller to hang his shingle reselling one particular brand for every project. Rather, the best resellers/designers are able to specify the right camera model for the right job.

"The best resellers/designers are able to specify the right camera model for the right job."

That being said, most integrators statistically limit camera lines to 2 or 3.


How do you know they were going to 'sell cameras direct'?

Lots of big manufacturers meet with end users directly to generate interest, push their products, etc. but then the deal is sold through an integrator.

I've recinded my comment since it probably shouldn't have been made without more fact backing. No false pride here.

I like Axis too, but don't confuse me with this guy...

Not that I have any knowledge of Undisclosed's situation, but Axis doesn't "sell direct", it's not their style. But I could see them calling on a school board with another integrator to make sure their products are specified for upcoming projects.

Like I said I'm new to the survelliance market, I want to know if other manufactures products and tech support would be compatible to Axis product lines. Is there a line I should research that would have thesimilar offerings. IPVM doe mention and review axis products frequently almost all test that are have a Axis product line is compared to others, do the majority of integrators use or prefer its products? Isn't always best to ask experinced professionals their advice?


I sense some frustration... and it's probably because there is no answer to a question that broadly stated :)

As John mentions above, most integrators carry at least a few different camera lines. They do this because no 'one' camera manufacturer has the 'best' solution in every camera feature-set category. If an RFP calls for a camera with a feature that your 'one and only' camera manufacturer doesn't have (or is particularly weak in), as an integrator you are out of the running from jump.

As Brian mentions above, that's why IPVM compares/contrasts an array of cameras in 'shootout' tests to show the different performances over a broad group of feature-set categories.

Since the only other way to compare the various differences is to learn the hard way (in the field), I think this is why a lot of folks find the site valuable... :)

There really is no 'quick-fix', this-is-the-only-one-you-need, camera manufacturer out there, imho.

Maybe to help narrow this subject a bit would be to add a qualifier such as: What do you sell and why (in the educational sector, government sector, etc)?

There are so many different cameras for different installs, locations, customer's industry, etc that it would help to know what you're looking for, what's section of the market are you most involved in?

Looking at your questions, specifically: "Is it like comparing a Cadillac to a Ford Fiesta, is the price of the product what compels you to sell other brands?"

I would venture to say some integrators would prefer cameras that have a higher profit margin, so they may push those more than some other brands they sell.

"Can other cameras perform as well if not better for the intended layout?"

Sure they can, some cameras perform better in freezing temperatures, others perform better as pinhole cameras, others are more attractive based on price.

"Does it come down to price not brand name?"

Not necessarily, it depends on the job and using the right camera for the objective it is to meet. For example a PTZ or edge recording camera will likely be more expensive than a camera that does not have those features and an off brand will likely be cheaper than a brand name camera due to their track record and support level.

Brain thanks for the insight. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Maybe to help narrow this subject a bit would be to add a qualifer such as: What do you sell and why (in the educational sector, governemnt sector, etc)?

Sarit, as always in hind sight that would of been a better question to ask., thanks for responding.

You can always add detail here and we can certainly list a few articles that will help, if you'd like.

This other IPVM string is a example of why only carrying one brand of camera might lock an integrator out of a competitive bid situation.

Lilin IP Cameras vs Axis

The guy is an Axis (Cadillac) dealer and is wondering how to compare their cameras to Lilin (Fiesta) IP cameras.

I can't tell for sure that the guy only carries Axis (though it appears [to me at least] that this may be the case), but if so, there is no way he's ever going to win a bid up against other integrators proposing significantly less expensive brands like Lilin.

If the customer doesn't know the differences/strengths/benefits of the brands, and both appear to meet the specs of the RFP, then the Axis (only) dealer has no chance....

Marty thanks I'm following that discussion as well very interesting points being brought up.

Call your local Anixter Distributor or Tri-Ed or Ingram etc. Your only limitation is the VMS platform. If it a small job then some mfgs have their own VMC, NVR, Servers etc for an end to end solution (Like Panasonic). Many times will throw in the software for free.

I have to agree with Brian ... it all depends on the project. As a solution provider we have to design a value proposition for the customer. If we see a project that is all about price, there's no way we will even try to compete. Most of the work we do is wide area surveillance so we have to select cameras that fits the requirement/environment. Most of the time they're different type of sensors which typicallly means different camera manufacturers.

With that said, we do tend to stay at the high end of sensors ... Axis, Bosch (the old Extreme CCTV cameras), and sometimes Sony come to mind for standard projects.

Our projects tend to be one of a kind so we generally spec Moog (Quickset cameras and P/T units), RVsion, FLIR, and Vumii. However, we occasionally come across customers who ask us for value-cameras and we continually evaluate different brands. One that comes to mind is Brickcom which we were surprised to find that it produced exceptionally clear images and provided a number of useful features including an environmental rating of IP67 that makes it an excellent sensor for the kind of work we do.