What Do You Pay Your Wiring Techs (Advanced And More Basic)?

I know there has been a lot of discussions on how much to pay sales reps, but I didnt really find that much on paying wiring techs.

How much do you pay basic techs, as well as an advanced tech.

Besides trying to find out what the going rates are, I am asking because I am trying to figure out what to do with out main tech.

Our main tech is very good at terminating network runs and he does very neat work. When we hired him, he had not had any experience mounting cameras, or installing access controls (termination nor cutting the doors for the locks), but he has since learned a lot and while not as good as a locksmith, he is getting pretty good at it. He is also pretty good at thinking on his feet. His only real negative is that due his age, he is not that quick in pulling cables. But we are partnering him up with someone younger for that.

Due to the way he was hired and the company has grown, he is on a 10-99 and on a per diem basis. We are probably moving him to a W2 soon and at that time, we have to revisit how much he is being paid.

What would/do you pay someone for that skill set? How about a more basic tech that would be working with someone like that?

Thank you

Do you normally pay techs for hours worked, hours billed, per job, straight salary or some combination?

We are probably going to be moving to a salary system. But as of now we pay for hours worked.

Per job, makes it that it is more like a subcontractor which we didnt like, and hours billed it not necessarily fair to the customer.