What Digital Encoders Exist?

Have a GoPro with HDMI output just itching to be used as a security camera.

Does anyone know of a HDMI to IP H.264 (ONVIF) encoder?

Found this one, its a encoder and decoder in one, ONVIF, POE, 1080P/60, HDMI/SDI input, but it's not cheap. (>$500??) Plus I've never heard of the mfr, Antrica, maybe they are more broadcast video?

GoPro's don't seem very ideally suited for security camera purposes. For the price of an encoder you could buy a Hikvision or similar camera off Amazon. It will likely be better supported, more suited to the task, and then you can still use the GoPro for other things.

You win the discussion!

If it didn't say Undisclosed Manufacturer, I'd swear it was you, Jon! ;)

I'm not sure I have ever posted undisclosed before. Maybe once, but I can't remember when or why.