What Cameras Change CODEC Settings On Motion/Event (I.E., Camera-Side Boost Recording)?

I used to see Dahua and Hikvision cameras include this feature, with dropdowns for stream setup for not only regular settings but also settings on motion. Essentially it let you adjust FPS, resolution, compression, etc., for continuous and event recording separately.

Dahua has this dropdown in their 4800E 4K model:

But a new 4K model doesn't include it. I seem to recall Hikvision cameras doing it, as well, but don't see it in any cameras we have now.

Anyone know of other examples?

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Avigilon's H4 camera line supports Idle Scene Mode which allows you to change the FPS, image quality, max bit rate and key frame interval when there are no motion or analytic events.

Bosch can change profile on event.