What Camera Can You Recommend For Creating ID Badges?

What cameras can you recommend for creating ID badges?

Many platforms will work with USB cameras or point 'n shoot snapshot cameras and do a good job if lighting is plentiful. The money spent on such as setup might be better allocated for a screen background and ambient lighting enhancement before a fancy camera.

I know of a Fortune 100 company that uses a hello kitty USB webcam at their HQ for this. It does a good job!

I never got a straight answer on how it came to be, but I suspect some staffer found it on woot.

Thank you.

We have used a Videology # 24C7.38USB with a 3.3-8mm lens. My technician likes it because of it's flexible software compatibility. but its around $330 cost with lens and if we furnish the flash, its more than double the price. I think is out of hand.

I'm always looking for a better way do things.