What Are The Basic Differences Between UL-864 And UL-294 Designations?

Any clarification is appreciated...

Ira, good question, I'll let someone else answer the details.

For reference, for all, here are the names / URLs from UL:

UL-864: Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems

UL-294: Standard for Access Control System Units

UL-864 - Fire Alarm Control Units and Accessories. Think FACP like Notifier.

UL-294 - Accesss Control Units - See this IPVM Post Standard for Access Control (UL 294)

This is for the hardware, not the installation method.

Thanks for the input, guys! I'll check out the links and glean the info.

It's a difference of UL-570.

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It was a pretty standard pun.