Welcome Ari Erenthal To IPVM!

Note: Ari will be at ISC East on Wednesday and Thursday, November 16th and 17th. Feel free to come over and say hello. Email: ari@ipvm.com

Join us in welcoming Ari Erenthal to IPVM. Ari has been an IPVM member for many years and one of the industry's most insightful and humorous commentators. As a teenager, Ari started in the industry installing. Since then he has managed installers, as well as ran surveillance sales and training for B&H Photo.

Ari will lead training for IPVM as well as make IPVM more useful to installers. In 2017, expect to see a number of important improvements in both areas.

This will help IPVM overall. Everyone else will continue as is, except for Brian Rhodes, who will be freed to spend more time expanding our access control and intrusion monitoring coverage.

Please welcome Ari and if you have any ideas for him, share them below.

As a teenager, Ari started in the industry installing.

So, like 3 years ago? :)

I am a charter member of Ari's fan club!

I am an OG member of that same club, Brian. :)

A loooooooong time ago Ari was one of the first people I came across on-line when I was looking for ways to explain surveillance cameras to customers.

I can remember sifting through tons of garbage posts all over the internet that didn't help me at all. But then I happened to click on the right link and I ran across this piece he wrote back in 2009 - and I was immediately hooked by his beard natural ability to explain things in the style that he wrote in.

I liked it so much that it became my first Twitter 'like' way back when:

This is a strong move and Ari will make a great addition to the IPVM team. I look forward to reading more of his stuff. :)

I liked it so much that it became my first Twitter 'like'...

Two hooves up!

Given your work history with B & H and knowing that many manufacturers and integrators do not like their online e-tail business practices, are you able to share how integrators and manufacturers can compete with their business practices?

It would make for an interesting article, I think.


That would make for an interesting article, certainly.

One thing I can tell you is, I have probably spoken to more end users than almost anyone else in the industry. As a result, I have a good understanding of how end users shop for surveillance, how they relate to their surveillance products, what end users like and don't like about their surveillance products, and, most importantly, why end users turn to the internet instead of buying through an integrator.

I've also had to figure out how to explain surveillance technology to generally intelligent but completely uninformed end users. As a result, I've spent a lot of time thinking how to break down complex concepts and make them simpler to understand. I think that that skill will translate directly into creating and delivering training materials to integrators.

Congrats to Ari and IPVM. The bench just keeps getting stronger. Well done!

The bench just keeps getting stronger.

As the beard just keeps getting longer!

Saaay whaaat?

Well now who am I going to refer all the do-it-yourselfers to as the man to trust when they buy something?

But that aside, congratulations Ari and IPVM! I think it makes a good pair-up.

Good move by IPVM! We all enjoy his insight and humor. I like having Brian focusing on access control, this area would use his talant and focus. But are you sure this is a promotion for Ari???

Congrats Ari and IPVM! Best wishes!

Note: 2 across is no longer valid :)

I'd forgotten about that!

Congrats to both! I remember saying "they really need to hire this ari guy" shortly before following both partied on twitter.

Good call.

Congrats Ari, always enjoy your seeing your posts in the discussions. Your beard sticks out, never noticed your name but always recognized your picture ;-)

Good move IPVM!

congrats to both, looking forward to the articles. btw the "beard" deserves a better picture...

That pic has poor WDR

I'll alert the Apple Computer Corporation forthwith.

That pic has poor WDR

No, Ari is just really, really bright...

"The many beards of Ari"

(Inspiration credit to Andy Warhol)

Well, that's terrifying.


I now have an urge to watch an episode of Grizzly Adams.

Seriously, good move IPVM and Ari. Congratulations.

Ari, congratulations on your new role. I am excited to see your insights in our fast changing industry All the best, Joel

Welcome aboard Ari! Now get writing!

Congrats Ari!

Hey, I'll be at ISC East this year, on Wednesday and Thursday. If you see me, say hello!

Yay Ari!!

Congrats. Glad to see you as part of the IPVM team!

People go to ISC East? Other than Ari I mean? :-)

Ari - it was a pleasure working with you during the time with B & H. Congratulations.

So, that's all you have to do to get hired by IPVM? Be respected in the field, demonstrate superior knowledge, creativity, and innovative thinking, make frequent meaningful contributions to IPVM discussions, and be insightful? Why didn't I think of that? :)

Don't forget hirsute. :)

So are you moving from New York to Hawaii?