Weird Marketing Spam: "Emergency Need" For Covert Cameras?

I got this email yesterday telling me that I need to keep this "best all-around" covert camera in inventory at all times. Which is obviously ludicrous. But then they follow it up with the bottom line: "You never know when a client will have an emergency need for one!"

In my years as an integrator, we had approximately two requests, ever, for covert cameras. Neither were particular emergencies. And at IPVM, we've had only a handful of requests or questions on covert cameras, as well.

Am I simply missing something? Are covert cameras a more pressing issue than I think?

In my years as an integrator, we had approximately two requests, ever, for covert cameras.

How much residential did you do versus how much commercial?

This is why I keep finger paints around. You just never know...

I know of private investigators who keep covert camera kits in their inventory so that they can quickly deploy them when requested by a client. I also know of at least a couple of corporate security departments that keep covert kits on hand so that they can be quickly installed at sites that are having problems. So I think that the concept is at least somewhat valid.

Several years back, one of my corporate security buddies installed a covert camera at a construction site that was having major theft problems. The covert camera and video recorder were installed in a job box at the construction site. The next thing stolen was the job box that contained the covert camera and recorder.... my buddy had a hard time living that one down for quite a few years.

As Michael suggests... maybe you/we just don't get these requests because customers don't think to ask us when that emergency arises.

Just think though, if you have a handful of these beauties ready to go, and just by chance, field a couple of requests for them and come through in a pinch? Word on the street becomes that you're the go-to guy... someone posts on Facebook, "Hey, I need a covert cam like, YESTERDAY!", and someone replies with, "Ethan hooked my buddy up when his store was getting hit regularly, give him a call!"

We have one customer that requests covert work and normally is something that we get a call for in the afternoon and it needs to be installed that night. It sounds like fun but its more of a pain becuase you never know the environment which the camera will be installed so it's always a challenge and everything is custom.