We Just Paid Members $1300+ For Comments And We Want To Pay More

At the beginning of this year, we added a feature that pays IPVM member 35 cents for every time any member votes up their comments. So if a members gets 50 total votes, they get $16.50 member credit.

Today, for Q3, we just paid $1,200+ to members, including 22 members with over $10 each, and to a total of 190 members who received 3 or more total votes. Those members were all sent emails this evening.

Update Jan 2015: We just paid $1,300+ to members for Q4.

However, we want to pay more. We'd be happy to pay double or triple this to help reward members.

So make sure to vote. You can vote on any comment, just hit the buttons like so at the bottom of each comment:

This is especially important when someone shares field experience or recommends a production or solution that you had not heard of.

We have also added voting buttons to emails sharing new comments on threads to make it easier.

Again, vote and reward your colleagues.

Any questions or thoughts, let us know.

Here is one thought. Thank You John and the staff at IPVM.

Looks like you might earn a free year of IPVM with this comment alone! =)

Great program and much appreciated too. Great idea to keep comments coming in and to reward the folks taking the time to comment.

This is one of the best newish features of IPVM. Thanks, John.

Along with Chat...

Now real-time Chat voting, that would be funny!

Thanks for not including a LIKE button!

Bob, lol!

We did have a like button in the original implementation but dropped it because it was vague. Like was replaced with 'agree' which we felt was more specific and meaningful.

I honestly never go back and look at the votes on my comments, but I must have said something that made sense somewhere. Thanks for the program. I know it makes me more likely to contribute and I always try my best to reward others with my upvotes when worthy.

Made you look. ;)

Jon, to that point, we are thinking of showing members a summary of their votes, certainly a total score (i.e., X votes this quarter, Y votes this year) and maybe a log of how many votes each comment received. It's just in the planning stage right now so if anyone has any thoughts on that, let us know.

Update: We just paid another ~$1,300 today for Q4. Thanks for commenting everyone.

Another one of the many things that makes this site fantastic.

Just a idea that you may already be considering:

Have a link somewhere that goes to a list of the period's most informative posts.

Sometimes the gems are buried deep in the rock...

IPVM - the most valuable yet much appreciated platform in the security space

What is the most popular (agreeable and/or informative) comment ever?


(for informative)


(for agree)


(for agree)

This one points out the importance of how skewed comments may be when related to a company--as opposed to a general industry issue.

I look at comments relative to company-specific issues (especially those posts that may be controversial) as "well, it must be company abc has about xx IPVM Members!"

Agrees and funnies don't always age gracefully either. The nuanced context that stirred the passion originally may be lost when looking back.

Then again some are timeless...