Wavestore VMS Stack Up Vs Milestone And Avigilon?

What is your opinion on Wavestores VMS offering in 2015? Is there many installers/integrators on here that have experience with the product? How does it stack up against the likes if Milestone and avigilon feature wise and price wise?

It runs on the Linux platform so this could be seen as a major advantage over other VMS's that run on Windows. Do you have certain customers that have specifically asked for a Linux based VMS?

Please share your thoughts.

I spoke with Wavestore for ~20 minutes today and reviewed their website for another ~20.

We're definitely aware of them for many years but they do not come up often in the US, though they have been building up operations here in the US over the last few years but are still not a notable factor.

So on the product side, seems like they have a fairly broad feature set, though I had not really dug into the back end / admin / management side, so not sure there.

Linux is helpful for some users but, and if your customer base cares than it could be helpful but Genetec and Milestone high end VMSes are Windows only and they generally do fine.

Avigilon is a tougher comparison because they are explicitly selling a tightly integrated end-to-end solution while Wavestore is more like Milestone selling software and NVRs only.

Actually Wavestore and Avigilon share one 'feature' that virtually no other VMSes do.*

JPEG2000 support.

*Maybe IndigoVision too.