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Washington DC To Triple Cameras In Metro System?

In a recent council meeting, WMATA, Washington, D.C.'s transit agency said it planned to increase the number of surveillance cameras in the metro system 3x.

From the meeting record:

Sounds like a big project. I was hoping to find an RFP or award contracts on their solicitation page, but I didn't. So I called WMATA to get some more details about the project.

The official answer is that they try and keep the metro camera specs under wraps:

"We do not discuss details of specific security equipment, capabilities or countermeasures whose effectiveness would be reduced by releasing them publicly. We can confirm that the number of new cameras is several thousand, and that they will provide coverage in virtually every public area of the Metro system. The value of these upgrades is about $6.5 million. Security infrastructure improvements are generally funded with federal grants."

Thoughts? Has anyone ever worked on a subway project before?

Update: This increase could include the cameras in metro cars. The AP is reporting that WMATA plans to put cameras in metro cars for the first time.