Want To Run A Cruise Line's Surveillance System?

Check this job listing for Norwegian Cruise Line. Excerpts:


Full responsibility of the entire Surveillance Operations of the Ship. Shall also work closely with the Captain, Staff Captain, Hotel Director, Chief Engineer and Casino Manager in maintaining the integrity of the shipboard operation.

It is the primary responsibility of the Surveillance Manager and Surveillance team to protect the company's assets, and to assist the onboard and shore side management of the company in ensuring the safety and security of passengers and crew, the strict adherence to the company's SEMS and other operating procedures, and the maximizing of company profitability....

The Surveillance Manager is to observe, record, and report. Obtaining this information includes not only the monitoring of video feeds for example on board cameras but also includes 'live' surveillance while walking around the ship in both passenger and crew areas, as well as listening to any comments passengers or crew may have to offer.

What do you think? Sounds like fun?

Can anyone share experiences of what it's like to use / operate or install surveillance cameras on cruise ships?

Can anyone share experiences of what it's like to use / operate or install surveillance cameras on cruise ships?

I've spent several hours on cruise ships at port, working with integrators on the surveillance systems. Had multiple opportunities to go to sea as well, but sent someone else for that.

You sleep in a very cramped room, most likely shared with at least 1 other person.

The upside is that you can go to the crew bar, where a beer is 50 cents instead of 4 dollars.

Internet at sea is extremely slow and limited.

You're almost always on duty, even when you're not.

I think if you were younger and looking for a unique experience it might be a good gig for a year or so. I can't imagine doing it long-term, but that's just me.

FWIW, Airship seemed to be the prevalent VMS on the ships I was on, but I think Norwegian used something else. All video was also geotagged with GPS coordinates, primarily for the cameras around the exterior so that if someone went overboard they could figure out not just when it happened, but where it happened as well.

Norwegian can't find any takers.... :(

They just re-posted the position again