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VMS Web Client / Mobile App Allows Changing Passwords?

I recently had a customer ask me about a VMS that has a remote web client or phone app that will allow the user to change their own password. so that the admin is not involved in the process.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to what platforms have this feature. I've looked into ONSSI and Exac but it does not look like they have such a feature.

That could be a tough one as web clients and mobile apps are typically designed to be 'view only' without any admin functionalities. I am sure there's someone out there that does, and it's not rocket science but I do not know how. Hopefully someone can offer a suggestion.

Why can't the user change there password via a thick client?

Bohan, the question is not about thick clients. It's asking for web clients and/or mobile apps. I deleted your list because most every thick client allows doing that.

Our system is tied to our Active directory implementation which is also used for tons of other things. We have functions in place where our people can self-service and change their password or reset it upon forgetting it. It has nothing to do with having that function in the VMS but the end result is the same. Just depends on the environment whether that's an option for you or not. Thought I'd mention it.

Thanks guys. The vms will not linked to AD they users are from out side the company.

Good to know that this can be done from thick client I didn't know that some of them have that capability.

However I'm still looking for a simple thin Client to use. I'm dealing with users that don't know anything about vms.

Come to think of it, there are a few VMSes that are web client only - NLSS, ipConfigure come to mind. By definition, they would have this. Still the exception rather than the rule.

I'm not looking for a web only client looking for web as a feature. Full thick client is still needed. thanks for the tips vi will contact the mfg. see what they can offer.

Scenario is that the company would like certain people out side the company to be able to look at the cameras in side a space. View only no export. Everyone on the inside will be a regular user.