VMS Preference For Synology NAS? Exacq? Milestone?

Hi All!

I ordered 8 Samsung SNV-7084R domes and a Synology DS1815+ NAS with 24TB of storage to start. I am debating on what VMS to put on the NAS. I am looking at Milestone, Surveillance Station (Synology) or Exact (if I can find a dealer / get a price). Does anyone have any experience with the systems or recommendations?

Chris, can you run Milestone and Exacq on a Synology NAS? I didn't think so but maybe I am wrong.

You can use the Synology as a storage target but the only VMS that you can run on it is Surveillance Station

Even with a windows 8 vm? I would assume the HW specs meet the requirements

You still need a host to run the VM.

IPConfigure's Orchid VMS runs native on NAS devices like Synology. http://www.ipconfigure.com/products/orchid

Chris that is cool. Is your app avaible through Synology's Package Center? Can you still use the Synology as a NAS while your VMS is running? I have a 8 bay Synology and would like to test it out if possible.

We wipe the NAS device, load Ubuntu and then install Orchid VMS. We don't allow Orchid to co-exist with the NAS software since the processor is so limited and Orchid needs the resources for motion detection.

(Samsung Employee)

You can have the cameras record directly to the NAS, then use the included License-Free Samsung SmartViewer software to view the cameras live/playback.

You can also download the latest version from:


Any thoughts on a decent iOS viewer to go with the system?