Best VMSes For Dahua Cameras?

We are working on a project that will consist of dahua cameras most of them (50 )will be IPC-HDB-W-8301,We are looking for a good VMS software that plays well with dahua products. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Steve - I've been down the same path, and found that Video Insight's VMS suits the bill. I can give you demo login to 5 or 6 live customer installations. These provider very high quality images, the inexpensive upgrade of a coax system, and very sophisticated VMS features with $0 ongoing cost of ownership. Visit me at and call to chat.

Michael, do you have direct experience using Dahua cameras with Video Insight? It's not clear from your response.

If you have, please clarify which Dahua cameras work, whether it works with Dahua camera motion detection and any other advanced integration with Dahua cameras.

I've tested and installed the Dahua HD-CVI cameras and DVRs (employed as encoders) in Video Insight systems. Some installations were upgrades on existing coax systems, some new installs, some mixed IP/HD. No experience directly with Dahua IP cameras.

Am I the only one who thinks it is odd to have settled on that many cameras of a certain type, and THEN begin to wonder what VMS they will play well with?

Cart before the horse, etc...

First I assumed this forum was to assist others with questions they have not critizize. For your information I have been installing cc tv systems since 1979 part time and have evolved with the industry since then. I live in a rural area and most of the systems have. Been under 12 cameras. Or the client has used the vpns soft ware that the manufacturer has provided and has been happy with that. As an administrator I assumed you would have some constructive suggestions or information especially since. I m anew member. Let me also clarify that for the project we have it settled on one particular camera or manufacturer. But once again because this courthouse is in a county with a population of under 16,000 their budget isn't the biggest so I'm trying to give them the most bang for their buck especially since some of those bucks r mine from taxes. So thanks for those that responded with some information that was helpful and hope more will continue. And if negativity is what comes from bringing to this forum I do not need it because I have survived just fine for the last 36 years .

Thank you

steve Merrill

Lighten up Francis - I'm not an administrator, I'm a subscriber just like you.

I personally thought it strange that you had your cameras fixed before you decided on a VMS - as this is not generally what I see INRW. Which is why I posted the question.

Had you provided the background info in your original post, I might not have perceived any oddness. Then I wouldn't have posted the question.

Which is why I posted the question.

IMHO, the question was a fair one to ask of Steve.

The problem was you didn't actually ask him... :)

Yes, 1 please let's leave it at that and concentrate at helping him with pointers to VMS options.

Ethan has tested Dahua with a number of VMSes. He will be able to provide detailed feedback on what he found works and does not work.

Thanks John!

Steve - understand your situation, and frustration, perfectly. While I don't see that specific Dahua IP camera model on their list, the Video Insight solution does support a long list of Dahua cameras. You can easily try the VI VMS to see if it works for you. Tap on my name/link above and give me a call or email. I'll walk you through the full-function, 60-day, 99-camera trial. - Michael

Instead of pushing VI on him why not ask what features his customer is looking for.

No push, just trying to be helpful. So far nobody else on this thread has offered a single answer to the questions he has asked. You got anything?

The cameras we are looking at so far are the Daquan ones listed above they come with tripwire, intrusion,face and scene change. Which is what the client is looking for plus a little more. Thank you for all your help.

So your looking for a VMS and can take advantage of the oncamera analytics? Have you tested the cameras analytics to see how well they work and to see if the meet the customers needs?

I'm not finding this exact camera listed in Milestone, Exacq, Genetec or Avigilon, maybe it's too new?

So unless a manufacturer were to confirm directly, I would say you need to get a sample and try it out with the VMSes themselves, especially considering the number of cameras.

I have limited experience with Dahua, if you're looking to use the analytics, it might be best to stay with an end to end solution. I don't think you're going to find a lot of VMS's that will allow you to configure the analytics inside the vms...which could be time consuming and cumbersome for the customer and you. If I were you, I would stick with all Dahua. If you don't like their CMS and that's why you're looking for a VMS. You could consider using Hikvision, IMO their client software is better, and you can configure the analytics via the web UI and client software. Pickup a 64 channel recorder and use the IVMS client software to manage it.

If integration of their analytics is what you're after, I can't comment just yet. None of the models we have have intrusion, tripwire, etc. We have a couple on order which do, but it will likely be another week til they arrive.

As far as integration of the cameras and basic features, Genetec, Milestone, Exacq, Avigilon, and Video Insight all integrate motion events from the cameras. I'd hestitate to say one integrates them better or worse, because nothing simply stood out as such in my testing.

We currently use the Dahua SD59230SN-HN with Video Insight and I can confirm that VI does work with camera-side motion detection on that model Dahua. We also have two of the new SD6AL230FN-HNI low-light PTZ's with on-board analytics and I can confirm that VI does NOT integrate with those analytics, nor does VI directly support that model (you can use the 59230 settings in VI to get basic support). The only thing I have found that suports the on-camera analytics is Dahua's own SmartPSS. We plan to do extensive testing soon on the analytics using FTP and email alerts directly from the cameras. Thus far we have tested the object tracking and found it works "OK" in scenes that are not busy, but have not yet tested tripwire, intrusion, or any of the other IVS settings (the new analytic cameras just arrvied at our facility this past week).