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VMS And Hard Drive Self Monitoring And Reporting Software

Hi! I need some help. Is there a self monitoring and reporting software that I can install to help me monitor the health and conditions of our hard drives? I have a VMS system with a couple of camera servers and storage arrays, located in a locked room. I also have a camera station for operator to view live images or recording if required... What I need is to be notified automatically at least when the VMS stops recording due to hard disk fail etc. So action can be done to replace the faulty disk etc. Ideally, the notification alert should appear at the camera operator station and monitor early there such a software? Can you recommend any good ones (including typical price range?) that will work seamlessly with HONEYWELL DVM platform? Is open platform monitoring software good enough? Appreciate ur expertise ASAP. Thank you!

A similar topic was started a tad earlier. Perhaps you can find some information you need there.

Also, most RAID controllers offer the option to be emailed once a drive starts failing. You could check that out ?

Thank you

Yes, read the other thread...


Your VMS may have a built-in monitoring and reporting tool. Windows has some monitoring capabilities. There are SMART tools that can send out emails.

There's a bit of overhead to it, but Nagios (and Zenoss and others) can provide for some really nice monitoring. We use Nagios to monitor servers, switches, cameras, encoders, access control readers, printers, desktops, and lots of IP devices.

Thanks for the summary!
Any other recommendations particularly if it is specific to the platform I have would be most appreciated...

HDTune is one popular one. I've been playing with Hard Disk Sentinel and quite like it - gives full health and usage status reports and can alert you well in advance of imminent failures.The enterprise version supports central monitoring and management over the network.

For more general system monitoring, SpeeFan is a great donationware utility that will monitor pretty much every fan speed and temperature sensor in a computer (drives, motherboard, CPU(s), etc.), keep a running graph of those readings, and email you when something's over a set threshold.