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Mix Surveillance And Ads On Public View Monitors?

I have a cusotmer with 4 LCD's showing live IP camera feed of 4 different studio's. These areas are having only 30-35% activities(motion) during each day. Now the new requirement is to play customer advertisement through DVD player or from computer(workstation) itself all the time during no motion event of relevant camera LCD. I can get alarm signal from VMS during no motion events from each camera feed but looking for a hardware device which can do the switching job. Any suggestions?????

I have seen Nextlevel HD decoder; which is suitable for the requirement but do anyone know better option in terms of price?

Using a VMS such as Luxriot - you can run the DVD player through an encoder or capture card. Then, running on the VMS client currently driving the LCD monitors - you can set it to normally show the DVD "channel"/"steam" while swotching to the motion triggered channel when there is motion.

We have tested such a config with Luxriot Advanced and Enterprise but it is mostly likely to work woth mostl mid-tier and high end VMS.

I've seen PA monitors that have built-in camera and what I assume is PIR... the system runs ads or other content until someone walks in front of it, at which point it switches to the PA camera view.

Of course, this would be easy with an old-school analog system, where most MUXes can flip displays on a trigger input. Come to think of it, I could do the same thing with a Vigil DVR... in fact, now that I think about it, it wouldn't be hard to set something like that up.

Wouldn't this be like if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? if there is no motion who is going to watch the ad? Did you get this done, and did it have any impact.