How To Tell The Image Sensor In A Camera?

I ordered ipc-hfw4300r-z from china a Dahua camera. The camera works just fine but they say there is an Aptina sensor inside. How do i find out for sure? Is there software or do i have to disassemble?

Gerald, software cannot verify sensor used.

Dahua does specify an Aptina sensor for this model. Why do you care about verifying that?

Even if you could verify it was an Aptina sensor and not say Omnivision or Sony, you still might not know which Aptina sensor it was (and that's important because there are many Aptina sensors).

Yes you have point,just have to be careful being due diligent.Thanks for reply.

You certainly can try breaking one open though we have seen many times where there is no label on the imager, so that's not even guaranteed to solve it.

I'm curious why you care?

I know that most people consider the Aptina sensors to be among the best in the latest generation of sensors, but there is so much more to a camera than just the sensor. Many other factors (ISP, compression, etc.) could affect the image quality greatly.

Aptina (or now, OnSemi) also has more than just 1 model of image sensor, so even if it has an Aptina sensor, the next question is "which one" (which I've never seen any manufacturer specify).

I care becuase a lot of these manufactures use so no name brand components that may fail prematurely.

Sure, but why stop at the image sensor, there are lots of other components that could fail prematurely. For example, in your model, it has a motorized lens, an IR cut filter, IR illuminator LEDs, etc.

You are buying Dahua, presumably because of the low cost as an equivalent Axis model for the ipc-hfw4300r-z feature sets would be 3x or 4x the price.

That makes sense, but what about all the other components in the camera? Is your logic that if they have a genuine Aptina sensor then they have also sourced the best ethernet magnetics, poe components, processor, and other components as well?

Sure, but why stop at the image sensor?

You stop at the image sensor if it is not Aptina. Then you have learned you can't trust them.

Sure, but if it is Aptina, you still don't know whether the other dozens of parts are low quality.