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Video And Access Design Consultant Recommendations (Large Project) San Diego Area

I'm looking for a design consultant (without manufactuer affiliation) recommendation in the San Diego area. Our customer is antiquated in there surviellance knowlege and insists on certain design parameters that we deem "ineffecient" or "ineffective". We need a third set of eyes on the current design and perhaps a fresher take on this vital project. Facility perimeter and waterway security knowledge a plus. This will be a new facility.

This is a large scale project with just a small amount of design consulting work initially but could turn into more, as this project has a painfully long timeline.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

We (Fuse Integration) are primarily a DOD and private software and network company currently thrust into some new large scale surveillance projects.

Thank you for the help, Sam

I would highly recommend Dave Aggleton of Aggleton and Associates.

Dave operated for years in the New York metro area but has recently moved to Southern California and now operates a satellite office there. Dave is highly skilled in both access control and video surveillance and is a man of great integrity.

Sam, I sent you a note directly to your Fuse Integration email address. -Ray