Verkada Has The Funniest Non-Unsubscribe Link: "If You're No Longer Interested In Security, Please Respond To Me With Your Email Address."

Normally and, well, by law, companies include clear ways to opt-out of commercial emails but Verkada has innovated here as well:

Thank you for joining us last week at Fortify 2020! We hope you enjoyed our content tracks, networking sessions, and performance by jazz funk band Galactic.

To learn more about how Verkada is modernizing the world of video security, join our next introduction to hybrid cloud webinar on Tuesday 7/21 at 10am PT and receive a free YETI tumbler.


If you're no longer interested in security, please respond to me with your email address.

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What? If I am no longer 'interested in security', I need to email you my email address'? Is this supposed to be clever? Is there no way a human would be interested in security but not want to receive free YETI tumbler emails?

The more Yeti's I get the happier my wife is to sell them online!

If I am no longer 'interested in security', I need to email you my email address'? Is this supposed to be clever?

yes, but that’s nothing compared to IPVM. traditionally, to quit on IPVM you are expected to:

1) make a series of increasingly sarcastic posts intended to show your displeasure with some recent coverage.

2) necro-post random disparaging comments on every thread related to the negative coverage.

3) start at least one (1) “blowout” thread, that begins with a melodramatic title like “I’m ending my membership today - you should too!” and ends with sullen “membership cancelled post”.

4) receive dozens of enticing automated IPVM notifications from replies to your “mic drop” final post.

5) sheepishly continue posting, now anonymously, after realizing that although you can get a refund, you cannot actually cancel an IPVM membership, it just runs to term.

6) get your “cancelled” membership extended for months on end after voting windfall.

Your comment is spot on and hilarious! Keeping track of their undisclosed comments is like tracking Bigfoot. Fun, but probably a waste of time.

I do love when one of the attacks all the undisclosed commenters for being undisclosed, "quits", then posts undisclosed.


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