Veracity Has A New Product Out

Didn't see any discussion of this, so I figured I'd start one.

For those of you who've used the Pointsource battery pack, they've got a new one that creates a WiFi network. Useful because you no longer have to wire directly into the battery pack, so you can even use a tablet if you want.

It's not a thing that everyone needs, but for those who do need this kind of thing, no viable alternative exists- as is usually the case with Veracity.

I don't know what it'll cost yet.

Oh, finally? This is actually what Axis OEMs for their T8415, which we covered awhile back.

The T8415 is about $600 from what I remember, which is about 3x the price of the original, non-wireless Pointsource. Though obviously that didn't include the wireless features. And the new one supports 802.3at, instead of only af.

Good eye!