What Helpdesk / Ticketing Systems Are You Using? How Do You Like Them?

We have recently been looking into various helpdesk / ticketing platforms to enhance our support department - Provide better tools for our helpdesk, assigning work to service technicians - and to enhance our installation department's ability to manage project based work with a simple and easy integrated platform.

What I would like to know isn't so much about which platforms people are using so much as if people within the physical security industry use helpdesk / ticketing systems, and if so how.

Have people used integrated knowledge bases within ticketing software to store site / customer information for their helpdesk / service techs?

Do people find implementing ITIL framework works, or would anyone have any other best practices to pass along?

Here are some options to look at:





We have already done a really thorough look at different helpdesk apps on the market. Every single one of them serves a slightly different market, and choosing the right one usually requires putting together a list of requirements, then putting the platforms that fit those requirements through some use cases to find the right fit.

What I am more curious about (and probably should have made more clear) is - does you company use such a system, and if so how. What have been your pain points? What are some tips and tricks you can provide that might ease the pain?

Really, this is an attempt to learn from the mistakes / knowledge of others, and to try and develop the best system for my organization as quickly as possible, with the fewest iterations as possible.

We are currently using Freshdesk for our support system. Right now it is very basic as we are using it to catch all support requests to make sure nothing gets missed. We are currenting looking at other options as one feature we we really want is asset tracking. When a ticket comes in we want to associate it with a customer's widget.

Simpro has a rather interesting solution we are also looking at.

So far the most challenging part is breaking the customers habits and getting the customer to use it. Some customers are just set in their ways and want to text or email a team member directly rather than using our support options.

I would be more then happy to speak with you offline in more detail


We first started out on fresh desk as well to see how we could use a helpdesk tool within our organization and we quickly learned that it wasn't for us.

I have looked at Simpro before and the cost just seemed prohibitive to us right now. Most of the higher quality platforms we have looked at would be 15K-30K for on-prem + licensing + deployment costs (5K-20K) depending on the platform. Given that we already use Kasaya as our MSP platform it is difficult to justify such a tool.

A system that we are test driving currently, and are really liking, is from a company called jitbit

It is not priced based on user count (unlimited users), is on-prem, super clean and minimalist design that is nearly idiot proof, relatively inexpensive, you can run an unlimited number of instances within your organization, is multi-tennent, has decent permissions, has basic asset tracking, and they even supply you with the source code so that you can make changes to your deployment.

We are also trying to think through the process of getting customer to use the helpdesk. Most of our customers are also used to getting a hold of their favourite tech "personally". Having quite solved that one yet, but it will be simple with greenfield customers.

I would be interested in knowing more of your pain points though...

We wrote our own years ago using SQL and ASP. Like you we took a look at what was on the market (there were fewer choices then) and all had most of what we wanted, but needed tweeking. So, we just wrote our own. I can honestly say that we did not have a lot of problems implementing it or getting buy in, but that is because everyone had a voice. Customers were slow to like it, but now they all are very invested. I am just starting version 2.0 and most of the improvements will come from the people that use it.

My only pain point really is that we hosted on our own in-house server. That is being taken care of with this new roll-out. We will be hosted off site. More bandwidth, newer interface, etc, etc.

The most important thing we did was to open up all of a customer's data to that customer; when I say everything I mean everything, warts and all. We make everything available to them, not just what we want them to see. They know we are not hiding anything and never doubt our motives or our honesty. Every ticket, every service call, every picture. They know if a call should be under warranty. The customer and the staff all work off of the same web enabled database. They know what the status of an issue is 24 x 7.

The con's - not many except the size of the databases. Now that I am moving them to and off-site server some 8 years later the databases are comparatively huge. It will take a while to get this implemented.

Most of the hosted sites have data limits. Obviously that is not good for a long term solution. Hosted software is a far better option.

Good Luck!


We seriously considered going down that route and writing our own platform, but we already did that with one application for our business and we didn't want to waste the resources to do it all over again with a helpdesk.

It is interesting that hosting in house was a pain point for you, given that having an on-prem deployment was one of our main criteria. We are an MSP and have 2 datacenters with DR so we already heavily invest in keeping that infrastructure updated for our customers so aging hardware isn't so much of an issue for us.

I really do like your approach to the ticketing systems and being completely transparent to your customers. That kind of radical honesty is not something I had considered but it certain has its merits.

Thank you for the input.

We've been using Autotask.com since 2004, and bought N-Central near the same time. 99% of all clients, IT or security are on some form of RMR plan, and most are all-in. Any failure detection from a probe, server, vms, or any other custom alert creates tickets 24x7 and alert our team based on the RMR response plan. These alerts, and our MT2F "Mean time to Fix" is our #1 method of presenting our value, and form the basis of system improvements and upgrades. I can't imagine otherwise.

"We are also trying to think through the process of getting customer to use the helpdesk. Most of our customers are also used to getting a hold of their favourite tech "personally". Having quite solved that one yet"

That's an ongoing challenge, but it can be done.... new greetings, auto-replies, and personal pleas from each tech, and consequences for taking and working on any client request that did not come via a non-emergency support request, or emergency that didn't come from the 24x7 hotline... The customer has to know that affects that engineers performance review. You can be the evil business owner...

Mojohelpdesk.com worked decently for our needs.

We have been using Fresh Desk for about a year now and have been happy with it. We are considering moving to Sales Force in the near future.