Using A VMS On A Citrix Client?

A member asked me. I had not heard anyone mention Citrix in a long time :) but I am sure there are bigger organizations that still use it.

I remember that some VMS clients had problems working and/or displaying video inside a Citrix Thin Client. I am not sure what has changed.

Anyone with experiences here?

I know what Citrix is but do not use it. We do however use terminal services and frequently use remote desktop connection to windows based DVRs and run the client for testing purposes. We found that when we went to Windows 7 we had issues with video where we only get a black view of the image being streamed. The recording is fine. What this was had to do with hardware acceleration of the windows display. In order to get around this we had to install a microsoft component which is not installed by default. I just have to find out where I filed my notes. On XP or 32 Bit systems you have to be on the console of the system to modify the hardware acceleration. Not sure if this helps at all.

That does help as it seconds my recollection of the general issues involved. Obviously, how a VMS will react depends on how it displays video and what it uses to do so but it's generally not plug an play.

We have used Citrix with analog cameras, along with Network Client. The performance was very slow, when we took all the units off Citrix and placed them on their own VLAN the download times were cut in half, and streaming improved greatly. I suspect with the client on Citrix, and multiple people logging into it was the issue, we ended up installing Network Client on all the users laptops.