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Undisclosed Commenting - Why?

Maybe this is just me, but on IPVM the majority of posts that i see are from undisclosed integrators/manufacturers.

I see lots of information and advice flying around; some of it is good information, some is contradictory and some is just...stupidity (but we all have our opinions right)...and that is what makes a good discussion - to sometimes take a step back and look at it from another perspective or point of view...

My question is:

If you have an opinion or comment with experience, why are you not backing it up with accountability?

As an employee for a major manufacturer I have agreed to not represent the company in any public forum.

You can define “represent the company” in many ways, but I have experience across many sides of the industry I would be prevented from sharing if not undisclosed.

The host knows who we are.

Interesting and yes i understand.

I suppose i'm more edging towards integrators, but i do see your side and agreement and thank you for the comment.

Same here. Typically I am giving my personal opinions based on experience in the industry or with a product, but not the official company stance of the manufacturer I work for.

My account is paid for by my employer, but they don't want a flame war or things taken out of context, etc. I have seen a lot of large companies that simply state NO social media/bulletin board posting, etc. As we have often seen here on IPVM, there can be a lot of benefit and sharing of ideas, etc. here, but the employer wants some distancing, unless it is an official statement from higher up.

Ben, thanks, that's a good and worthwhile question!

Integrators risk offending their manufacturer partners and there can be negative consequences for them. Even if the criticism is modest or meant to be constructive, manufacturers are often sensitive to any public negativity. This can result in the manufacturer effectively scolding the integrator to more substantial risks like withholding discounts or favors or preferring rival local integrators.

If you look at LinkedIn, which on the positive side requires all real names, on the negative side, it's overwhelmingly rah rah positive statements.

That said, I would like more people to post disclosed and would encourage that but also recognize that saying substantive things that could offend one's business partners is a real risk.

Anyone with ideas on how to improve undisclosed commenting or to encourage more people to post disclosed, I welcome that.

This is a professional forum with lots of professional opinions and recommendations commenting and advising. I do feel that personal comments which impact an organizations feelings because you like/dislike their product shouldn't reflect on anonymity. This is what makes products and personnel grow...

Just learning and understanding as an industry - and being able to do something about direclty really helps. I like to be accountable and ensure that personnel Im working with are accountable too.

Its like we are all being silenced for a professional personal opinion...very sad times if you cannot express you opinion on a matter you have great knowledge in.

Just as a final note from a personal perspective

if i view posts and comments as undisclosed, the comment in my personal opinion lacks credibility...its like the emails i get stating i have been left 100000000 Ugandan Dollars in a will from a relative.

Plenty of valid reasons why one would be posting undisclosed.

If you can't put your name on it, don't say it.

If you can't put your name on it, don't say it.

You just said that undisclosed, so are you making a joke or? I am a bit confused :)

I think it's a bit like the old saying ...

"The problem with quotes on the Internet is verifying their authenticity"

- Abraham Lincoln

Especially when the quotes are coming from those darn Rebels.

It seems as if he agreed with Mr. Patience - it doesn't appear to me that he said anything of relevance. Still funny though and worth pondering.

It was a joke.

I got a verbal warning and my entire department had to sit through a 90 minute training on our social media policy for something I posted here. I thought and still think the comment was totally innocuous, and nobody even said anything to me about it for a year and a half after I posted it, but I still got yelled at by Corporate. I'm not risking that again.

Hi Ben

(notice I am posing Undisclosed...)

For me, I often post using my name and often post undisclosed, depending on the circumstance. My company has business agreements that (OEM agreements, distribution agreements and such) that require non-disclosure. I would never post any great "secrets" here but there is a very fine line that defines what is covered under a non-disclosure agreement so I would not put that at risk in any way.

I think that I could have some useful insight that can help people in certain situations and the only way to get that information across is by posting Undisclosed.

My name is also reasonably well known (at least in my family) and I have strong personal opinions on some subjects. I would prefer that these strong opinions not "taint" my company when I am posting. If I post a personal opinion and my name shows up here, it will automatically be associated to my company.

It depends on the situation. In this case I am posting undisclosed because I'm describing when/why I post undisclosed, and I don't necessarily want my employer to know.

All my previous employers and current employers made us all sign some sort of document about basically not speaking on behalf of the company. My last employer even had a thing about how they own any ideas of whatever I come up with. Probably super hard to enforce, but what ever.

If I'm giving generic advice, or opinion on something like a camera brand we don't use, I'll use my name. But if I need to get a little more specific, I post undisclosed. Or if I have a criticism for a product we use, undisclosed.

Sometimes someone may ask about like "how does your company handle this situation". I'm not supposed to talk about company policy, but if it's something simple like how we handle vehicles, or over time, there is no secret there. But if my employer saw it, they would assume I am leaking all sorts of "secrets".

At the end of the day I still stand by most of my comments. If some one were to figure out I'm undisclosed #xyz, I doubt I would deny it. I also live in a small area. Everyone kinda knows everyone in the industry so it's not hard for some one I don't even know to figure out who I am.

I am an executive with my company, and I post both with my name and as undisclosed. When my post is directly related to my company's goals I include my name. However, if it's irrelevant to my company or maybe even considered controversial, then I will post undisclosed. I don't want people thinking that my company's official position is the same as my personal beliefs.

(this post is personal, so I'm posting undisclosed.)


Protection, ananimity, and viewpoint with out reprocussion, sense there are a lot of bad people out there , you need to protect Your self .

appinions , but only if you agree,

many dont want truth , just unity

many dont want you to have appinions , so the have very bad attitudes

this is why !

Along with general business and career related concerns, are the social concerns, which can also affect business and career. Like my esteemed colleague above posted, people say they want truth, but most don't really mean it. So many have gotten into rage armchair activism it's scary. We malign anyone who has a contrary social opinion and assume the worst of them and their personality, yet rarely consider that we interact peacefully with those same persons every day in the "real" world with fairness and civility.

One way to look at it is, if anonymity is a problem, then why do we think it's so important when we vote in elections?

No so sure it is , as many of what you vote for is overturned and figured out how to circumvent with other avenues

Elections are only as good as the process is protected, oversight, transparancy and accountability , most of all

Enforcement of Law and order

mostly control, money, agenda

The people above have explained it well. I am very careful to not post anything negative about competition or partners of competitors. I am able to be more useful posting this way but still am mindful on what I post here. If somehow I was outed I am not concerned and will stand by everything I have posted.

I have a bit of a different take, while most of the above also applies to me, I post undisclosed because I work for a very large end user, noted in my LinkedIn, and do not need to be constantly barraged by sales pitches when I ask a fairly simple question about a product or potential solution. Second, I believe that my comment should be judged based on the merit of my comment and not for any other reason, employer, age, years of experience, etc. I have had a lot of negative interactions with people in this industry because of my age and experience level and choose to just not post if it is not undisclosed. Finally, note that in my opinion if undisclosed was not a posting option I feel there would be a lot less participation because we can't risk our jobs to share our opinion that large integrators are terrible for enterprise level customers or whatever the opinion is. While most people should understand my opinion is my own the fact that my name can be searched in LinkedIn and it show my employer is too much risk for me.

Second, I believe that my comment should be judged based on the merit of my comment and not for any other reason, employer, age, years of experience, etc.

IPVM Image

There are dozens of times I could have helped someone based on my experiences on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I can’t while being identified.


I dont spend a lot of time posting as myself due to the past perspectives of people , personnel, and views , I dont see eye to eye with ,

need to work with you , and in cooperation with you , not support your views, ideologies, or opinions,

Most Important to me , my company, my employee is , Resources, Education, Reviews of products, for R&D and performance criteria , need to know , no more

Love the Keep it professional views

I would love to post as undisclosed to my company on this email that went out company wide. If I express how I feel about the people benefitting to this fund raising effort for very legitimate reasons I would likely be out of a job. Today you can only voice one accepted opinion on this organization. It reminds me a bit of the PRC............


Make sure you registered to Gather for Good this Thursday! This will be an engaging, trivia-style event providing participants the chance to help our partner, Rise Against Hunger, earn a $50,000 grant. Colleagues will also learn about their mission to fight the root cause of systemic hunger, while competing for prizes along the way.

When you click on Gather for

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Well, who doesn't love pies?

This reminds me of the movie Revenge of the Nerds....................

You all better watch out, cancel culture will come for you and your company if you don't post undisclosed.


Oh crap forgot to hit that undisclosed button

Sometimes I ask questions or make statements that reveal sensitive info. As the owner, I can reveal whatever I want. But I may not want my local competitors to know I lost a tech, am struggling with xx, my sales #s or a new product I am researching.

The honesty that i see coming thru on some of these comments would never happen if the platform could not maintain privacy when and if desired by the user. At that point, I believe the value of the platform would then be diminished, and who would benefit from that in the long run?

I believe the value of the platform would then be diminished, and who would benefit from that in the long run?

Marketing people who only want positive things to be said :)

Sadly, in this day & age, no matter the platform there is ALWAYS someone who gets downright mean when someone posts an opinion or comment they don't like so in the interest of personal safety lest the "mean poster" decide to take more serious action, its best to just be undisclosed. I recently experienced exactly this on IPVM and the poster that didn't like my disclosed comment took it a step further by looking me up on both LinkedIn and my company website, then copy/pasted pictures from the website & created a very negative "ad" ostensibly from my company featuring my face. They didn't post this creation on IPVM but instead emailed it directly to me. It felt threatening. I ignored it but will be posting EVERYTHING undisclosed in the future. If I say something else this person doesn't like he/she may just decide to send that fake ad they made out to the greater internet and I don't need the drama that would create. And by the way - that person was posting Undisclosed on the entire chain so I have no idea who it was.

Sadly in this day of Information overload , the left and right all believe they are right and we have massive disagreement , not unity , division on an unprecedented level .

ability to be and post undisclosed allows for this and allows all to have apinions

The Reason for anonymity is for a clear response with out the fear or threat of retaliation . so many out there feel threatened by the bully's they don't speak up.

Ipvm has a great resource and needs a neutral base who are not afraid to speak out of wrong. so much great resource and so many great independent thinkers .

related to post : ability to call it out with out others building a cache of backgrounds and always associated with the name , not the issue , the company , not the problem at hand .

oppression stifles learning out side the box.

the tech company's like original thinkers and people who can go beyond what they see

to do this you need freedoms and the ability to do what it takes to get to the goal .

I feel the need to respond with out the attitude or remark of bullying by response

so i like this feature, keep up the good work and keep to the task ,

not the roadtrips of the politics and sociatal acceptance.

We all need to think clearly , not confused and think indepentantly , not in a cloak of oppression and control.

The Great American Divide

It ties to everyone's business interests at the end.

Consumerism is the fuel that feeds the fire of capitalism, but a legitimate democracy is the oxygen on which it depends to flourish.

One thing I do not see here is the mention of a NDA prohibiting the disclosure of any information. I work for a rather large financial institution that is constantly in the spotlight so I can't have every person reading my posts/responses assume that I am on a blog and represent my employer and this is how they do things. My participation is my opinion and not those of my employer, most often based upon my experiences in the industry.

There are a few threads like this and others about personal experiences that I can come out from behind the curtain, I enjoyed sharing who I am when I can.