Understanding Hikvision Model Numbers

Does anyone have a link to somewhere that decodes the Hikvision model numbers?

This came up a while back for this model: DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ

Hikvision's explanation was:

CD (camera, digital); 4 - 4-series; 1 - Indoor; 32 - 3MP; FWD - true WDR; I- IR; Z Motorized Zoom

I just tried to decipher the PTZ model DS-2DF527A but cannot figure out the pattern.

I'll ask them if they have a cheat sheet for all models.


Rookie's often assume one of those D's is for dome, but no way.

But it is weird how with all the numbers/letters there is nothing that refers to form factor specifically.

IR range is sometimes specified like this:

I3 = 30 m, I5 = 50 m, I8 = 80 m, and

H (depending where it is) = heater, S = sound


They used to have naming conventions in the catalog, but they've changed in the past couple years.

They can be decoded, but it's hard to remember everything.

DS-2 is the prefix for all cameras.

C means it's a color (or day/night, simply means not monochrome) camera.

D means network, C means SD analog, E means TVI. There's another letter or letters for PTZs but I don't remember them.

The next digit is the series. 2 is value, 4 is smart, 6 is Darkfighter/Lightfighter.

After this, there are numbers...which I can't decipher. The first is a type code, but I don't know what they translate to. Second and/or third refer to resolution.

After that, F means it has an SD slot, WD means true WDR.

After the dash, I means built in IR, W means wireless, Z means motorized zoom, A means auto back focus. There's also an H in new models but I don't know what it means.

And THEN, last but not least, there may be lens options, denoted by a single number.

In short: Good luck!

No wonder they're relatively inexpensive. You have to factor in an additional 1 hr per camera to make sure you are spec'ing the right one.

Don't forget to add another hour to figure out the correct mounting bracket.

I'm told by HIK Aus that the 6 series is no longer Darkfighter/Lightfighter. They've moved all those to the 4 line. The 6 line is reserved for niche market or special purpose cameras.

The 6026 black box darkfighter will now become a white 4026 white box in the 4 line range.

Then to combat the grey market imports, the West will end up with 4 & 6 MP cameras as stock and Asia will end up with 3 & 5s. So the trusty 2132 and it's cousins will all become 2142s etc.

I think form factor is the second digit (e.g., the 1 in 4132), but I don't totally get what each stands for. I think 0 is box and 1 is one type of dome but beyond that I don't know.

I took a pic from the 2015 catalog of the network camera model decryption.


If you Google "Hikvision model name coding rule" then check a few pages down in the PDFs you'll be able to get a decent idea.

Thanks for the tip, Undisclosed.

Here are screengrabs from 2015 catalog. This link for larger image: