UK CCTV Success Story

A UK teenager recently exposed himself to a 71 year old woman. But fear not, this example truly shows how well analog is working for the UK. There is little doubt that moving to IP is unnecessary. Here's a photo being distributed by the police:

With this quality, it will be easy to catch the suspect.

Sarcasm aside, it's bizarre that people in the UK whine about how 95% of cameras are not 'fit for purpose', decry the move to IP yet fail to realize that MP / IP would make a huge difference in cases like this. Even a 'regular' HD camera would provide far greater details in this instance.

but... but... you can just zoom in and enhance 20 times right ?

Although as John points out, many cameras are not installed in such a way that they are 'fit for purpose', I contend that problem is not unique to analog. Poor planning and implementation can be just as applicable to MP as to analog.

Sure but megapixel provides greater margin of error for error as the higher resolution (and in this case, I mean visible details, not just pixels) can compensate for implementation mistakes. So unless MP installations are far more prone to serious mistakes than analog, it's still a big benefit.

"megapixel provides greater margin... for error"

-read "greater margin for incompetence". LOL

Now now... it can also provide a greater margin for specs, site designs, or equipment or fixture additions that happen AFTER the cameras are installed according to plan.