Two Interview Rooms With Video+Audio Monitored Without VMS

A local CAC (Child Advocacy Center) needs a system to record video and audio in two separate rooms. The set up is this: Each room needs to view and hear the other room. The reason for this is that the child and interviewer will be in one room while a social worker and investigators are monitoring from the other room. Not sure why they are limiting the monitoring to one of the interview rooms instead of one of their offices but this is a requirement they have.

My hang up is: How do I have a NVR centrally located but send video+AUDIO to the interview rooms?... without a PC in each room. I got the video no problem, AUDIO to both is the question.

Several NVR's on the market can monitor multiple channels of video+audio simultaneously. Do a quick Google search and include "4 audio input" "NVR". Take your pick. Ari Erenthal, who is a member here, can hook you up in 10 minutes.

Without a PC in each room..... Will these be recorded or just a video intercom?

Centrally located NVR. With ability to monitor in two other rooms with audio.

That comment was meant for U1. Sorry. U2, if I am sending audio to the camera for encoding, can I split it before the cam?

Using Louroe ASK-4 kit 101

split audio the from the mic before the recorder (RCA y adapter) and send it to amplifier if you need independent volume control the parts are available . You can easily split the video with a hdmi or vga splitter

Duh... Did I just answer my own question? Obviously I can split the video with HDMI. And using Louroe Ask-4 kit 101 I could place the base station in each room with the monitor. Sometimes I have to talk out loud to figure out the obvious!

Try Mobotix cameras to record video and audio. They have mic and speaker built in. You can also use them as an intercom.

Choose a manufacturer that has cameras and NVRs and also includes a decoder in their lineup. The decoder has network in, and HDMI video and audio out. Many also have aN rca or 3.5mm audio out. Each room has a monitor and decoder. You can configure the decoder which camera to view. The nvr records all cameras and audio feeds.