TVI Encoder Support In Milestone

Anyone tried the DS-6716HQHI in Milestone (or other VMS) yet?

Is there a benefit to using an encoder vs a DVR? Does the encoder pass more data than just the video streams? Do you plan on using the Hik analytics?

I've read the tests on the TVI DVR's in Xprotect and it sure looks appealing but for my clients sake I wanted to have something that was directly supported on Milestones list where I'm assuming these will eventually be. Do you have experience with a DVR based solution in the field?

I have not used the TVI models at all, but we have installed many CVI DVRs. We also don't use Milestone, so I doubt I would be much first hand help here.

My input I could give is this: generally speaking, and we've has this discussion here before, is that an encoder is an expensive version of a DVR (minus a video output). This is unless you need the integrated Hik analytics and know that the alerts will be passed by the encoder and NOT the DVR. I don't know if this is the case, however. I suspect it isn't the case.

I have tested that unit with Avigilon and it does work. I will be testing it with Genetec when I have some free time.

The 16 channel encoder does 30FPS per channel at 1080P/720P/D1, analytics on all channels, option for local storage via hard drives and no local video output. They are basicly DVR without an output. Heck even the box or the unit doesn't say encoder anywhere.

We have yet to test their TVI encoders with Milestone. If I had to guess, I'd say it's likely to work fine. Their DVRs worked with Milestone, so I would expect the encoders would perform as well or better, since as others have pointed out, they essentially seem to be the same unit without a hard drive.

Do their DVRs still work with Milestone? I thought that feature was broken with a firmware upgrade and Milestone device pack 7.7 per the last few comments here. Has this been solved in the 2016 release? Does it work as an Onvif 16 channel device?

Thanks all!