Trying To Find A Hikvision True Wdr 2-3mp Camera

I am trying to find a hikvision 2 - 3mp True WDR IP camera. All the ones listed in the finder are out of production. I found the DS-2CD2132F-I(WS). But it says DWDR. Is that true WDR?


What about the DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ?

Reviewed here.

DWDR sounds like Digital WDR, not the same.

Greeting David,

What criteria were you using when searching for cameras? I have a list of 60 cameras that match your specifications. What cameras were you looking at that you found to be out of production?

Also, to answer your second question, DWDR is not true WDR. DWRD is "Digital" wdr, which functions similarly to BLC (backlight compensation), making dark areas brighter but also possibly overexposing bright areas. Generally, we have seen very little practical difference with DWDR.

"True" WDR mainly consists of a camera able to take 2 seperate exposures (A high and low exposed image) and combine them into one image, as seen in the example below:

Chris is correct, DWDR stands for Digital WDR and, in our testing, performs very poorly against true WDR cameras.

For more info on this see:

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