Top 20 Cities Visiting IPVM 2013

We ran a Twitter contest to see if anyone could guess the city that has the most visitors to IPVM. Despite more than a dozen entries, no one got it right. Here's the results (taken from the month of August):

Taipei is the clear #1 as it has been pretty much forever. Of course, that's still only ~3% of total IPVM traffic so overall, it is not huge. Nonetheless, it is still highly disproportionate, likely reflecting the large number of Taiwanese manufacturers based in the Taipei region. Ditto Seoul.

Also, notice 15 of the top 20 cities are not from the US.

Btw, because this is August, the total numbers are lower (summer time) and certain cities are down disproportionately (e.g., Northern Europe where they all go on vacation).

All that said, this gives a rough idea of where people are visiting from. Let me know if you have questions.

Well, Moscow is the top city. For countries, Russia is second in EMEA, 10th overall:

UK is third overall and first in EMEA. That said, UK traffic is fairly weak considering they have 60+ million people speaking English. As one Brit quipped, "We hate IPVM almost as much as we hate IP cameras."

Also, there are many countries bunched up at the ~1,000 visit per month mark, including Germany, Netherlands, China, Israel, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Sweeden.

Russia is N1 from EMEA countries?

Surprised :)

Yeah, me too :)

Part of it is certainly the Internet, it makes everyone more global, especially if you publish in English. The other thing is that we focus mostly on products and technology, which has a fairly broad geographic appeal.

ipvm is more broad reaching than I had previously thought...

If you check discussions 5 times a day, it will probably show up as 5 times. I think our web stats times out a session after 30 minutes or an hour.

I don't know about the majority but there are definitely some power users who drive up traffic from an individual city. There's quite a number of individuals who visit the site 100+ times a month.

I definitely think the Taiwanese and Koreans are eager to learn and improve the quality of their products. That said, it's probably also skewed by the high concentration of companies in those two cities (Taipei and Seoul). Someone asked on Twitter about Chelmesford and Clovis, those are tiny cities with only one major manufacturer in each (Axis and Pelco respectively).

By comparison, I would say pretty much every 'big' manufacturer visits IPVM between 100 and 300 times a month. They may hate us but for some reason continue to read the site.

Ronald, about half of members are from the US.


Are you counting the number of times someone visits the site or actual logins?

For example, if I check out the discussions 5 times a day, do I show up as 5 times for Montreal?

Man, it really bothers me that the results image above left off the Russian Federation flag:

I'm not a Russophile, just a little OCD.

I'll bet our Camacc employees in our Toronto and Edmonton offices make up the majority of the visits from those cities. :) Interesting as well that two out of the top 5 are from Canada

Another possibility is that they could be scanning the website looking for email addresses for their SPAM campaings.

It's funny as I bet most members (at least those who participate in discussions) are from the U.S.A., right?

One inference that can be drawn from the statistics published by you is that the Taiwanese and the Koreans are more eager to learn and improve the quality of their products and give the European and the American manufacturers of video equipment stronger competition, just like the Samsung and HTC phones have done so well against Apple, Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola.

We get visitors from 180 or so. We have members from ~120.

For example, last month, we had 18 visits from Azerbaijan, 19 from Honduras, 23 from Cambodia. Those countries were in ranked ~110 overall.

We do not get a lot of search traffic (less than 30% overall) though surely search traffic helps all websites get visitors from smaller countries.

How many total countries (on avg) do you get visitors from each month?