Which Bullet Should I Use? Axis, Vivotek, Or Geovision?

Does anyone have any experience with any of the following cameras? Cameras will be mounted outside under eaves with mostly full light exposure. Night exposure will be supported with various landscaping lights. Mounting heights will be ~12 feet.

  • Geovision GV-BL3400
  • Vivotek IB8373-EH
  • Axis P1425-LE

Appreciate the help.

Here's a quick comparison between the Axis and Vivotek using our Comparison Tool:

That particular Geovision camera isn't part of the database, but it is a 3MP, D/N, 3mm - 9mm varifocal, IR integrated, IP67, PoE, ONVIF S bullet cam.

First question, is 1080p sufficient?

I think 1080P is sufficient but also like the concept of a higher resolution camera. I am primarily concerned with reliable products that provide a strong picture. I didn't know if Geovision / Vivotek were as reliable as Axis or Samsung (SNO-7084). Appreciate the help.



As an integrator, I regularly used both Axis and Vivotek. In general both of those companies are well equipped to handle tech support and 'stand behind' their products. Both companies produce reliable gear in my experience.

Geovision is more of a 'pro-sumer' brand, which is not to say they aren't a good choice. It's just experiences with the company are more limited.

Greetings Chris,

We've added the Geovision GV-BL3400 to the finder if you were still curious about how it stacks up against your other choices.

Thanks for the quick reply! You gave me a lot to think about. Any thoughts on Samsung?

Sure, we have covered the professional Samsung IP lines numerous times. Our Wisenet III shootout is a little dated, but the findings are still accurate.

Samsung is a big company, and there are numerous surveillance offerings to compare (ie: the HD analog AHD line), so exact model comparisons are worth defining. But in general, Samsung's professional lines are well regarded.

Thanks Brian!

The Samsung was going to be a SNO-7084. I think I will probably do Axis, Vivo or Samsung. I feel like these brands have a stronger support network in place as compared to Geovision or even Hikvision.

I'm a big fan of the GeoVision BL3410. It is true WDR, and auto-focus motorized lens. Very helpful for getting the right shot and keeping it in focus. No need to open it up and break the factory watertight seal. The cost difference between the 3400 and the 3410 is less than $40. Never had a failure.

Thanks for the input chuck. It looks like the BL3410 is ~600. At that pricepoint is worth the extra $100-150 to move into the Samsung SNO-7084R series (e.g. is there a noticeable difference in performance / quality for the extra money)? I really appreciate the help.

Since I'm a GeoVision snob, I've never used a Samsung. We tend to use GeoVision, Axis and Panasonic. We buy GeoVision right from the factory, and get rather good pricing, substantially less than ~600. I do look at the IPVM reviews and use the camera finder to look at comparisons.