What Can Detect A Person Wearing A Bomb?

Dear all,

as we are living in a very problematic region, one of my customer requested to find a product that can find out a threat that is bomb which was weared by a person.

This will be used in banks, embassies and governmental places, the aim is to determine the threat before getting closer.

If anybody advise any company or any product, will be appreciated.

Are you familiar with Terahertz technology? Also known as submillimeter wave or Tetrahertz.

Terahertz radiation falls in between infrared radiation and microwave radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum, and it shares some properties with each of these. Like infrared and microwave radiation, terahertz radiation travels in a line of sight and is non-ionizing.

Like microwave radiation, terahertz radiation can penetrate a wide variety of non-conducting materials. Terahertz radiation can pass through clothing, paper, cardboard, wood, masonry, plastic and ceramics. Wiki

Because of these properties, several companies are producing detectors that can detect things others would not be able to. This passage is from one such company, Teraview

Explosive materials absorb THz light strongly at certain terahertz frequencies but not at others, and this 'terahertz fingerprint' can be used to identify an explosive, and distinguish it from clothing or other inert materials. Because clothing is transparent at terahertz frequencies, the THz light can pass through several layers, including common garments and shoes. TeraView has also demonstrated the technology is capable of detecting different types of plastic explosives through clothing, including PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate).

There are a few, but not many others. Though this technology has existed for some time, practical and less expensive detectors have only been appearing in the last 5 years.

Have I ever used one? No, but I would consider getting one if the price was < $2000. Which I don't believe it quite is.

Just something to consider, if the budget is there...

thanks for the quick response, ? will deeply search for this,,

No problem, I was wondering myself if these devices were feasible yet for non-governmental deployment.

This one sounds interesting:

The scanner works by imaging Terahertz (far IR) energy emitted naturally by the human body and will detect concealed objects that block out this background light. It is a totally passive system that it is 100% safe to use on all people. The technology includes some unique and innovative features such as; non-invasive detection as it does not image intimate areas of the body, and a detection range of up to 10m (meaning there is no need to stop people to scan them). This means that it can be used an unlimited number of times on anyone with maximum safety and no requirements for gender specific screenings. The technology has other potential applications, for example quality or process control.

Let us know what you learn...

That'll work!

Maybe a 'hybrid' dog could detect AND detain...;)

Though Dogs might be even more expensive than Terahertz imaging. The TSA, for example, spends over $200,000 for training prior to initial deployment, and then over $100,000 every year there after.

Per dog.

Other than mentioned above :) I remember that 5 years ago I discussed a possibility to create a solution for the terrorists detection by analysis of face muscles micro-movements. The idea was that people cannot control such kind of movements and there were developed some algorithms of suspects detection based on the high fps recording and analysis. Do not know whether a product was developed or not but at that time it looked interesting.

... I discussed a possibility to create a solution for the terrorists detection by analysis of face muscles micro-movements.

What's the specific micro-movement that terrorists give themselves away with?

One that wouldn't be shared by your garden variety pickpocket, or even a juvenile looking to buy liquor with a fake id?

I do not know exactly. The algorithms were not our part of a deal - all I remember that there were algorithms developed by psychologists that can be used for this task. Cannot remember the name of this company... something from Israel.

Maybe a thermal camera (axis/flir) ? Saw some presentations where they could detect if somebody was stealing frozen stuff from supermarket so i supose that if the bomb/explosive is on the body that should show up

I was talking with someone a couple of weeks ago that was going to test thermal cameras to detect concealed firearms. It peaked my interest but I have not had time to test it.

I bet it would have little trouble identifiying a 'smoking gun'. ;)

Performance varies. You might be able to detect a recently concealed weapon, but one that has been carried close to the body for more than a few minutes won't really stand out that much unless you're getting a VERY close up image.

If I have some spare time later maybe I'll do a couple of test shots.

...And how would a metal frame compare to a polymer frame?

Good question. I have a few of both.

Update - just did a couple of quick tests with a 320x240 DRS thermal camera (it's what I had laying around).

I tested with a poly-frame .380 (Ruger LCP) and an all-metal .380 (FEG PPK clone). Neither made a clear outline when cold and under a light sweatshirt, both were even less obvious after about 15 minutes of warmup. This was at a distance of about 6' from the camera.

Got any bombs? ;)

Microsemi amd Brijot had a mm wave body scanner that could detect non-metallic items (such as C4 explosive packs)

I know they sold the technology to another company but if you Google that you you be able to find out who the new company is.


A remote detonator?