The Stolen NYC Bucket Of Gold

Interesting surveillance video clip across 4 cameras:

The guy literally stole a bucket of gold, reportedly worth $1.6 million.

Another interesting element was evidently security guards failing to follow procedure:

Then one guard leaves to make a pickup, and the other guard heads to the front seat to grab his cellphone. Those 20 seconds were long enough for the thief to strike. He goes to grab the 86-pound bucket and makes a run for it, though he clearly has difficulty maneuvering it.

Perhaps he assumed 20 seconds was not enough for anything to go wrong, but with a bucket gold in midtown Manhattan that evidently was not the right call. Wonder if the guards were fired / have liability here?

Wonder if the guards were fired / have liability here?

Assuming this car company was insured for the loss, I'd suspect the insurance company is going to cite employee negligence as reason for the loss, and if they do cover it they'd want some sort of assurance that it would not happen again.

At the very least, the guards get fired...

In addition to the robbery charge, there could be a copyright infringement charge on its way from Hollywood:

life imitates art