The Other 'Milestone' Just Got Acquired

From emails we have received, there is a little bit of confusion about a recent acquisition.

Net/net, there are 2 'Milestone Systems' in the world.

  • 'Our' Milestone, which is the VMS company based in Denmark
  • The 'other' Milestone, which is a cyber security company based in Minnesota.

That other Milestone just got acquired by the Kudelski Group, a Swiss based company.

And, yes, it is weird that two companies doing somewhat related things have had the same name for so long.

But 'our' Milestone is still an independent, yet 100% owned, subsidiary of Canon.

Even more confusing, is Milestone AV - as many integrators use Chief mounts for monitors and Chief is owned by Milestone AV.

Wasn't there a Chinese VMS or camera company that put Milestone or something similar in it's name?

HAHA, yes! Milesight. Same color scheme and logo shape diamond logo shape.

Btw, Milesight hired a US director and is trying to expand in the US. I think they realized that whatever they did before, 'accidently' or not was not the way to approach things. I am curious to see if or how they will change.

There is no two without three...OplĂ ... But, it is all like a game!

I have a coat of the Milestone brand however there's no camera or recorder in it