The Hikvision Ballerina Is Here

Evidently, the new fall / ASIS marketing campaign:

It is different.


Much more classy than booth babes or Austin Powers.

I take it the ballerina is supposed to play off of their 'The Art of Surveillance' tag line? Is this campaign new just for ASIS or has Hik used that tag line before? I haven't seen it used before...

I didn't vote because there was no 'meh' choice.

I do, however, like their sub-header: Great Products | Greater Partnerships

That's pretty solid messaging, imo...

I have not seen 'The Art of Video Surveillance' used by them before but agree that it appears related to the Ballerina.

I didn't vote because there was no 'meh' choice.

Yawn here as well. Nothing new under the sun... except this:

Hik signs Erenthal to a $1,000,000 sponsorship deal.

He replaces ballerina, dons comical tutu and a big smile.

Call it "The Ari of Video Surveillance"

I don't own a tutu but I'm sure my daughter would lend me hers.

No hot Chinese school girls with "schooling the competition" I am not sold.

Its not even a Chinese ballerina.

Some rich chick who burned through thousands of dollars of her parent's money taking lessons all the way through high school is not gonna motivate me to buy your security cameras. (Someone had to say it.) How did her parents ever pay for their S2 certifications? (See other post.)

Art? 3000 engineers to deliver art? But yes it's better than booth babes. I don't feel embarassed about sharing that advert with a female CIO when talking about camera purchasing.

I don't feel embarassed about sharing that advert with a female CIO...

Only with a male CIO? ;)

Hik's Engineering Dept. was finished with the Axis catalog so they gave it to Marketing:

Wonder if they will have her performing in the booth at ASIS. A lot more elegant then the eye candy seen at the show in past years.

Hikvision explains its ballerina:

Important News indeed, whats next?

IDIS imitates Art