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The Future Of Video Recognition?

Amazing! However, I'm thinking this type of technology will initially be most beneficial for government and scientific use.

This is a cool technology.

What an incredible reaction time!

I sure could have used this machine during agonizing games of "slapsies" as a youngster.

interesting.. although I felt like I had seen this years ago... I would almost swear by it. very cool regardless though

Thanks for posting. That's a pretty impressive piece of technology.

Robots are pretty cool.

Impressive technology and demonstration. What is the practicality of this in the real world? In a controlled environment everything works as designed. But what happens when there is distance from the subject? I am not asking as a a cynic, is this technology ready for "prime time" or is it still in development?

Regardless of its stage, the applications could be awesome.

I am kind of stunned that there is so much interest in this. I guess it's neat, but I don't see what practical use it has for security / surveillance. Yes/no?

It doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Of course a machine is faster than a human. So are most animals.

Assuming this is based upon video recognition of the human's hand as it starts to assume the chosen shape, it demonstrates a very quick response time. It is impossible from this video to tell if it would work outside of a very controlled enviroment. If the human hand is presented on a different plane, or outside a certain angle will it behave with the same accuracy?

To John's question, I would say that right now it's only relevance is that it may be a small step toward building a superior analytic that could tailor a response to a visual cue like someone preparing to fire a weapon (seeing the pattern of the finger tightening on the trigger) and setting off something that responds as quickly as a air bag in a car.

I agree with Timothy, what if this can turns into superior analytics that could use the movements of individual facial muscles are encoded by Facial Action Coding System from slight different instant changes in facial appearance? Wouldn't this turn into something more interesting? It might be a long time before it becomes in reality, but why not?

Interesting material! Howver, I am wondering if this can be successfully utilized in a security/surveillance filed.

The reason is that because for human's action, there are so many varioables than a robot can recognize no matter how intelligent the robot is. It is going to take lot of time but still doable.

The application to a child's game makes an interesting story but this strikes me as being similar to common machine vision analytics. For instance, in a factory or food processing facility, cameras and analytics are frequently used to trigger machines / robots to sort / shift / remove items.

Well, it is very cool as others have said. If you recall the old PBS show "Connections" one never knows how various independent ideas or designes later come together to make or contribute to a final product that you never could have imagined at the time of the initial and apparently unrelated idea.

While we are pondering such things on this website, someone somewhere is working on the next step to this and who knows where that will lead. Perhaps a new form of analytics or perhaps a robot hand that can be placed it ones car window that instantly reacts to the movements of other near by drivers. While I have an interest in IP video, I am hoping for the latter.