The 50th Fastest Growing Integrator In The US Only Grew 13.7% In 3 Years?

That's less than 5% annual growth to be in the Top 50 US integrators?

You can check the 'Fast 50' rankings:

Surely, the simple answer is that most integrators do not apply / enter / etc. but this did strike me as strange.

Integrators, what do you think? Are you on it? Do you want to be on it?

And some integrators in the Overall Fast50 had less growth than that.

Dakota Systems for instance.

You know directly or because you noticed they were left off the growth percentage list?

Yes by induction only. Associated Time and Parking Controls also.

LoL what a stupid list:

"Hindsight CCTV & Security Inc. Pico Rivera, CA 0 2012"

"Hunter Surveillance Systems LLC Greenville, WI 4 2007"

I'm not picking them out if not for only the fact that one of them is listed as having 0 employees, and one is listed in having 4... Hindsight is also listed as having 86.4% growth over those 3 years, with 0 employees.

Nowhere to go but UP boys!!!

So much of this business is not done by publicly traded companies, where there is real data and public information and accountability. I can not possibly believe that even a slight majority of this data is accurate/vetted/confirmed by accounting auditors or otherwise.

These are always a fun thing. Even the inc500 is nebulous at best. Still, I plan on applying next year just for kicks.

Armando, I just sent them an email saying that you are a great guy. I am pretty sure that's going to bar you from getting on the list!

you know, I wondering why we didnt get a nod in the prestigious Sammy awards... ;)

Slammy's just aren't prestigious, they are Eco-friendly as well!

Sure, they look nice.  But did you know that they are actually made of 100% recycled polycarbonate domes, donated by manufacturers taken from their DOA's thru-out the year?

Its a fascinating process whereby they mix various proportions of clear, smoked, silvered and bronzed bubbles, and create the different shades for the different level awards.  Hence their tag line:

Building Success from the Ashes of Failure!