Camera Obsolescence Question

The below question was asked. Does anyone know a good resource for a qualified answer?

"Would it be possible to provide me with some third-party analysis of technology obsolescence in the type of equipment that would be installed on our site, particularly the cameras?"

1, good question, it is actually worth us doing a post.

Some initial thoughts:

  • SD / NTSC / PAL analog (obviously) but not just because of MP IP but HD analog as well.
  • 720p (rapidly becoming obsolete) as so many high quality, low cost 1080p offerings become available
  • Pixim - once the 'gold' standard for WDR, now far surpassed by true WDR HD cameras
  • Any 'super' low light camera from 2012 or before - The new super low light cameras are dramatically better than a few years ago.

Anyone have others?

Thanks for the quick reply- I'm unable to find any studies that are publicly available. I will have to assume that if IPVM members haven't seen one.. it most likely does not exist!!

I look forward to reading your study

  • CCD
  • MPEG4

Agree with CCD and MPEG4. As you know, MJPEG still has some proponents so I fear calling it obsolete will cause an unnecessary fight since the reality is, rarely is MJPEG used statistically.

And CCD's are often specified on high-end LPR cameras to eliminate any rolling shutter distortion.

I would also add:

Non-PoE IP cameras - there really isn't anything wrong with them, but it's an indicator of an odd or out-of-date product